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Adam Wingard to Helm “Death Note” Adaptation

Hey, you. Yeah you. You like Death Note? Sure you do. Wait what? You don’t know what it is? And this question/answer format is getting annoying? Fair enough! You’re gonna be hearing a lot more about ¬†Death Note over the next few months, as the movie adaptation of the Japanese manga has polished off its wheels and started chugging along once again.

Empire is reporting that Adam Wingard, director of 2014’s The Guest and You’re Next has assumed the role of director for the upcoming adaptation. The position was originally held by Shane Black back in 2011, but as is so often the case Black got busy and the project got set aside. Now the project has been infected with ¬†some new life.

For those who don’t know, Death Note tells the story of Light, a high school student who happens upon a mysterious notebook that has the power to kill whoever’s name is written in it. Who’s repaonaible for this? Why, the Death God Ryuk of course! The series follows Light’s mission to vanquish evil and the people who get in his way. Well, I suppose that’s subjective, depending on whether you like the kid or not.

The series has spawned an anime as well as a live action show, but this will be the first live action film based on the Death Note.

Warner Bros clearly recognised the popularity of this massive Japanese franchise when they sought the rights back in 2010. Let’s hope Wingard is the right guy to get the project off the ground once again.

You stoked for Death Note?