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Concept Art For An Alternate Reality “Toy Story 3”? Well, Sort Of…

When you hear about that brief period from 2005 to 2006 when Disney and Pixar were getting ready to part ways on less-than-kind terms, its like that month your parents weren’t living together when you were a kid that you’d half-forgotten. But unlike your parents’ brief separation, there was a lot more going on behind the scenes at Disney than new facial hair and a few dates with a younger woman. Believe it or not, Disney Animation was looking to cash in on projects certain Disney/Pixar franchises by producing quick straight-to-dvd sequels. Believe it even more or not, one of these franchises was Toy Story. Toy Story was already 6 years in the past so Disney set their sights on their own quick version of Toy Story 3. Hang on! An alternative Toy Story 3 where I maybe don’t cry my eyes out and hug the cinema seat of the woman in front of me?

Perhaps. The plot was a little less close to home – unless of course you live in East Asia. That’s right, the plan was to follow the gang of living toys as Buzz Lightyear begins to malfunction and is sent by his friends back to the factory that made him for repairs – in Taiwan. The gang learns of a massive recall of Buzz Lightyear toys and sets off for Taiwan to rescue Buzz.

You may not believe it, you may not want to believe it; you may be hugging your Lots-o-huggin Bear to your chest and swearing it isn’t so. Well it is, and now we have the concept art to prove it. Here’s a few choice pieces, courtesy of alternative screenplay writers  Bob Hilgenberg and Rob Muir along with some sketches of other recalled toys Buzz would meet on his holiday abroad from Jim Hill Media. Check them out, courtesy of Slashfilm:

toy6 toy9 toy8 toy7 toy5 toy3 toy2 toy1


toya toyb toyc toyd toye toyf


How do you think the alternative Toy Story 3 would have worked out?