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Morena Baccarin to Play Mystery Female Lead in “Deadpool”

If the upcoming marvel movie Deadpool were a person, it would be a guy who’s been kicked out of bed because he’s super late for work, so now he’s rushing around trying to eat cereal and brush his own teeth at the same time while tying a Windsor knot with his big toes.

We only found out very recently that a solo movie for marvel’s candidly nutty mercenary was being made, but since then it’s been rare to go a few days without some new nugget of news popping up out of nowhere. The latest is that Morena Baccarin will be playing the female lead in the film, as reported by The A.V. Club. The only problem is we have no idea who that female lead might be. Well that’s not strictly true:there are suggestions that Baccarin will play Domino or Shiklah, both of whom have been romantically attached to Deadpool at some point in his comic history. Everything is entirely speculative at the moment, more so with this film than with other comic book movies as Deadpool is notorious for poking fun at classic comic tropes. So it’s just as likely the movie will subvert all expectation and have Godzilla as the love interest… Or Robert Downey Jr as played by a woman.

Morena Baccarin swings both ways, heading from DC's "Gotham" to Marvel's "Deadpool"
Morena Baccarin swings both ways, heading from DC’s “Gotham” to Marvel’s “Deadpool”

Morena Baccarin will be most familiar to audiences for her role as Inara in Joss Whedon‘s Firefly, as well as Jessica Brody in Homeland and most recently Dr Leslie Thompkins in Gotham. With a good few Sci-fi action chops to her name she should be a striking fit and a worthy scene sharer with Ryan Reynolds and his comic book alter ego.

This is the most recent thread in a long string of casting/character news. Since rumours started that heavy metal X-Man Colossus would be playing a part in the film’s story, we’ve found out that Gina Carrenon is on board as adrenalin junkie mutant Angel Dust along with comic actor T.J. Miller. It’s been suggested that Miller will be playing a voice in Deadpool’s head, but I’m still hoping he’ll be reprising his character from Big Hero 6. We also found out that the Colossus rumours were true, but that the actor of few words Daniel Cudmore who played him in the X-Men franchise would not be starring. So that role could be up for grabs. You know, if you’re interested.

You can check out the test footage that got this whole thing rolling here. If you haven’t seen it, then I’m not sure if we met at a cocktail party that we would be friends.

“Deadpool” News: Costumes, Carano and Colossus!

It’s been a very busy week in the Deadpool camp, and there has been a whole stack of rumours and teases and casting news coming out of every dang opening. This has most likely been choreographed as a means of prodding the arguably cult classic marvel character into the mainstream conversation, but it’s just as much for the fans to chatter about as well. Let’s start with the altruistic star Ryan Reynolds taking it upon himself to tease not only a release date for the film, but a couple of costume choices as well. Here’s a stoic sepia-toned picture from Reynolds’ Twitter:
B9pqctXIUAA3JkoIf you didn’t know what you were looking at, you could easily mistake a strikingly faithful Deadpool mask for a bust of a bald philosopher…what? Actors can have busts of things. Fortunately the sneaky tease also had a tweet alongside it: Sepia tone disguises the fact the mask is ballerina pink. It’s early. 365 sleeps early.

So can we expect to see Deadpool on our screens exactly a year from now? It certainly looks that way. Whether or not we’ll be seeing a mask that looks just like the one in the picture is a whole other question. Still, don’t expect it to be an outfit that takes itself too seriously.

Moving swiftly on then,  we also have a delightful bit of casting news. Screenrant has reported that Gina Carano will be joining the team as Marvel mutant (what other kind of mutant could there be?) Angel Dust. Carano is the first Deadpool cast member to be announced other than Mr Reynolds himself, so hopefully we’ll be seeing the list flesh out over the coming months. You may know Carano from Blood and Bone, Haywire and Fast and Furious 6, as well as a few tv gigs here and there. She also happens to be a former mixed martial artist, so she’s certainly got the criteria to keep up with Marvel’s favourite merc’. If you’re not familiar with Angel Dust, she’s a mutant with the ability to fill her body with adrenalin and get all souped up – so Carano is more than suited for the job.

Gina Carano. What you can't see in this photo is the opponent she has in a sleeper hold.
Gina Carano. What you can’t see in this photo is the opponent she has in a sleeper hold.

Finally, let’s stop by the rumour store to pick up some potentially bogus news. With the introduction of Angel Dust there has been a lot of buzz about whether we’ll be seeing any X-men mixing it up with Deadpool. While it would be hilarious to see a buddy cop situation between Wolvervine and Deadpool, ending with them fighting and regenerating for all eternity, it leaves very little space for sequels. So instead we may be seeing everyone’s favourite paperweight Colossus joining the fray.

Daniel Cudmore silvering up in "Days of Future Past"
Daniel Cudmore silvering up in “Days of Future Past”

The X-Man with the ability to turn his entire body into metal will potentially join the cast, although whether it would be Daniel Cudmore playing the role (he was a fairly mute Colossus in the original X-Men film series as well as X-Men: Days of Future Past) is another story – or it’s not another story if it turns out to be false.

So that’s the whole feast of Deadpool news we got this week. Hopefully we’ll be getting a lot more solid info in the next few weeks.