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Our Top 5 Alternative Titles for Spider-Man Homecoming

Sure Homecoming is a good title for the new film, but let’s keep brainstorming. We delve into the world of Spider-Man comic book series and graphic novels to find our top alternatives to Homecoming. Read more after the jump. Continue reading Our Top 5 Alternative Titles for Spider-Man Homecoming

New Doctor Strange Photo: Let’s get Mystical

The new shot reveals Benedict Cumberbatch in full sorcerer’s garb as Doctor Strange in the second instalment of Marvel’s Third Phase.

Doctor Strange has been in production for a while now, but it’s become something of a lightening rod since filming moved to New York. When we got word a few days ago that Benedict Cumberbatch had wandered into a comic book store in full Doctor Strange garb, we knew things were going to get interesting. And so they have, because amongst all the set photos now we have a new official look at the sorcerer supreme himself. Take a look, courtesy of Slashfilm: Continue reading New Doctor Strange Photo: Let’s get Mystical

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer: Divided We Fall

Iron Man and Captain America battle it out for superhero rights in the new Captain America: Civil War trailer. Whose side are you on?

Continue reading ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer: Divided We Fall

Check Out the 11 Best Bits of Disney Magic at the D23 Expo

Another year, another peak behind the curtain of the planet’s most beloved and most profitable mouse rights advocacy groups. The D23 Expo was always a promise of shock and awe, given Disney’s more recent acquisitions of Marvel and Star Wars. But even though we expected a lot, there was still more besides to surprise the sailor suits off us! Let’s revisit them shall we? Continue reading Check Out the 11 Best Bits of Disney Magic at the D23 Expo

Tom Holland is Marvel’s “Spiderman” – Jon Watts to Direct

We had a list of hopefuls, and now we have one new Spiderman. After having their pick of the up-and-coming litter for this latest incarnation of the web-slinger, Marvel has landed on fresh-faced Tom Holland to don the mask and take to the crime filled streets of New York City.

Deadline is reporting that the actor best know for his roles in The Impossible and How I Live Now won out from a wishlist including Asa Butterfield, Judah Lewis, Matthew Lintz, Charlie Plummer and Charlie Rowe. There were suggestions that Butterfield would take the role given his experience with science fiction and action in Ender’s Game, but Marvel gave opted for someone with what you might call a more versatile, dramatic background. Translation: not scifi.

Holland is also starring in this year’s In the Heart of the Sea from director Ron Howard, where he’ll be taking up with fellow Marvel star Chris Hemsworth. With any luck Hemsworth will become increasingly facial company if the rumours about Spidey’s involvement in other Marvel projects are to be believed.
But that’s not all: we also have a director in the form of Jon Watts. The decision to bring in Watts is dangerously close to Sony’s decision to enlist Marc Webb for The Amazing Spiderman. Webb had just made his mark at Sundance with 500 Days of Summer when he was recruited for the gig. It so happens that Watts has just had his own nugget of success at Sundance with Cop Car, a sharp little midnight movie if ever there was one.

Granted, Watts’ experience with using humour in his movies is a little more substantial than Webb’s. As well as Cop Car he’s directed several episodes of The Onion News Network. When you throw the vicious Clown  into the mix, it’s clear that Watts has a more acerbic humour that could suit a wisecracking Spiderman.
A solo Spiderman feature is still pencilled in for July 28th 2017,with a lot of time in between for Holland to turn up in other potential Marvel projects like Civil War.

You’d be forgiven for taking all this news with a pinch of salt – we’ve all been here before with Spiderman reboots. Hopefully we’ll have something a little more concrete to be excited about for this latest instalment.

“Spider-Man” Gets a Short-list of Directors

The pieces are all coming together for the latest live action incarnation of Spider-Man. We’ve already got a good idea for further which actors are winning the race to nab the part (currently Asa Butterworth and Tom Holland are leading the charge), but we still need a director to resurrect an incredibly profitable but otherwise dwindling cinematic hero. Actors are arguably more important to nail down early since Spidey’s first appearance will be in Captain America: Civil War to give his two cents on superhero registration. But once that’s out of the way Spiderman will have to make it on his own with a solo project in 2017. So who’s going to mount that deadly zip wire? And don’t you dare make a joke about Josh Trank losing the Star Wars spin off gig, because I’ve already been told I can’t.

Screen Rant is reporting that a list of frontrunner has been revealed for the director gig for the Sony/Marvel joint venture. It’s a good blend of characters, ranging from solid mainstream to quietly filming indie in the corner to indie-turned-mainstream. If you’re on the list and you’re reading this I’m not going to tell you which one applies to you. Anyway here’s the list hot off the presses:

Jonathan Levine (50/50, Warm Bodies)

Theodore “Ted” Melfi (St. Vincent, Roshambo)

Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect)

John Francis Daley & Jonathan M. Goldstein (Audio Tour, Vacation)

Jared Hess (Napoleon DynamiteDon Verdean)

A lot of strong contenders there. Not a huge amount of superhero experience in the mix but that’s hardly a surprise at this point – the rule is you either go with the Russo Brothers or you try something new. The main trait that connects them is that they’ve all at home with comedy and have made their names with some uniquely funny movies. This makes sense since Deadline’s described Amy Pascal (ex-Sony boss) and Kevin Feig‘s (Marvel Studios boss) hopes for the film are a “coming of age tale” with “John Hughes humor and emotion, plus all the superhero stuff.”

So odds are the choice for director won’t so much come down to experience or story ideas, as much as it will be down to the compatability of the director’s brand of vision with the studios’ final vision decision.

Captain America: Civil War will hit theatres on May 6 2016, and Spider-Man will open on July 28, 2017.

Who would you like to see take the Spider-helm?