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Get a Tour of Zack Snyder’s Batmobile

It’s a blast from the past with every cinematic Batmobile in one place. But how will the latest offering from Batman V Superman measure up?

There’s no denying that batman has something of a thing for sweet gadgets. But all the batarangs in Gotham can’t compare to the majesty that is the Batmobile. The caped crusader’s cinematic history has given us a lot of great looking bat-rides. With Batman V Superman on the horizon, it’s a good time to look back at the Batmobiles of the past and ahead to what we can expect from Zack Snyder‘s instalment. But how could we possibly do both things at once? With a video tour, duh.

The news from Screenrant.com is that Variant have released a video tour of the Universal Studios Batmobile exhibit. The 13 minute tour includes an exhibit tour guide walking us through all the on screen Batmobiles. From Tim Burton‘s goth corvette to Joel Schumacher‘s neon rocket car to Christopher Nolan‘s grumbling tumbler complete with bat-pod. All the cars have a story to tell not to mention a few amusing tidbits from their time on set.

The best part of the tour is an up close and personal look at the latest Batmobile. The new addition from Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice had its grand trailer unveiling earlier this year. The tour gives us a much more intimate idea of what we can expect from the slender tank. According to the tour guide, the design was based mostly on Burton’s Batmobile, with some of Nolan’s war-ready tumbler thrown in. The wheels are actually shaved down tractor wheels and are a whopping 50 inches thick. Also the interior is camera-ready, so what we see in Dawn of Justice will actually be the interior if the car.

This latest Batmobile is a far cry from its 1989 predecessor, but seeing them all together in one place proves that they are all still undeniably awesome.

In case video tours aren’t your thing, why not go and see them for yourself? The new Batmobile is on display until January 2016. Alternatively, you can always watch Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice when it comes out at the end of the year.

Watch this space for all the latest Batman V Superman movie news.

New “Interstellar” Featurette Explains How they Built Mcconaughey’s Dimensional Prison

Now that Interstellar is out on DVD and Blu Ray, we can expect a repeat of the arguments we had to endure when the film first came out between people who thought it was drastically over appreciated and those who though it should have won at least 12 Oscars, including some in categories that would be introduced specifically for the Christopher Nolan space romp. We’re all pretty impressed with it here, so we were all excited to see that a featurette had been released that focuses on one of the most scientifically and artistically mind slapping parts of the film.

Slashfilm has reported on the recent featurette that explores the Tesserect, which is the name Nolan gave to his interpretation of the fifth(?) dimensional plane that Matthew  Mcconaughey sort of fell into. Check out the video below:

If you’re a fan of Interstellar then this won’t disappoint, and if you’re not then it will at least help you appreciate the work that went into the design and construction of the film. It’s no joke that Nolan made considerable use of models and physical sets where ever possible, using CGI to compliment the scenes instead of dominating them.

The Tesserect in particular, which was modelled first and then built using projectors and scenery, was an impressive feat and apparently as tormenting to the crew as it was to many people in the audience.

So, does anyone understand what it is yet? Just kidding, I know it’s Hell or something.