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Will Poulter is Pennywise in Stephen King’s “It”

We’re very possessive of our Hollywood villains these days. You’d only have to look at how many legacy villain actors there are to see that. The amount of stress and uncertainty we subject ourselves too when a new Joker is announced is ridiculous, and the less said about our early refusal to accept a replacement Hannibal Lecter the better. Anyone who’s seen the 1991 TV miniseries adaptation of Stephen King‘s It has unshakable praise for Tim Curry‘s portrayal of Pennywise, the torturous amorphous nightmare clown. So when we got news earlier in the year that True Detective director Cary Fukunaga was remaking It into a film, that familiar stomach knot starting to tug and contort in our collective gut. Who could possibly replace Tim Curry? I’ll tell you who: human supernova Will Poulter.

Empire is reporting that the star of Maze Runner will be assuming the larger than life role in the latest adaptation. Apparently Poulter wowed Fukunaga with his audition, so much so that the director opted not to cast an older actor as she had originally intended. This move seems to be in alignment with the actor’s current trajectory of amoral roles. Maze Runner certainly revealed a whole new compass point for Poulter, and apparently early footage of Alejandro Inirratu‘s The Revenent are equally chilling.

Fukunaga has already stated that It will be a two part adaptation, so this is a huge get for Poulter at this stage in his career. Both It and The Stand – another Stephen King adaptation –  will be adopting the multi-film approach, which is eventually risky unless it’s a young adult novel that has a huge mass of current fans who can be sold on the novelty alone. But hopefully Poulter will make enough of an impression to keep audiences coming back for the sequel.

Are you down with Poulter’s clown?