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Magnificent Seven Trailer: “Justice has a Number”

It’s weird when you realise that all that was missing from Chris Pratt’s already blossoming career was a stetson and a horse. See for yourself in the Magnificent Seven trailer. Read more after the jump.

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It’s alternate reality time: New “Terminator Genisys” Trailer

It’s time to get your hopes up again guys!

The trailer has landed for the reboot of the Terminator franchise: Terminator Genisys. And just like Star Trek and Days of Future Past, director Alan Jones is using an alternate timeline – the sexiest kind of timeline in sci-fi circles – to sweep the last four films under the rug. Well not completely: Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as an ageing T-800 that was sent back in time along with the original Terminator to look after Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) and teach her to be a bad-ass. So Kyle Reese, played by Jai Courtney (just announced as a member of the upcoming Suicide Squad), gets sent back by John Connor (Jason Clarke) only to be told by Sarah that the reality he was sent back to kind of sort of doesn’t exist anymore…although how any of them are aware of that begs explanation. Maybe Arnie knows.

Anyway take a look at the trailer, straight from the jaws of Paramount Pictures:

Not bad right? The new T-1000 played by Byung-hun Lee looks like he’s got a few new moves to show, but hopefully that’s not the only surprise waiting for us in the latest of the Terminator titles. With any luck, Genisys will be a kick-ass reboot, and won’t only be remembered for making a whole generation forget how to spell “genesis”.