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You’re Welcome: Stunning Concept Art for the Never-To-Be “Bioshock” Movie

Hey, wanna see some concept art for the Bioshock movie that never happened? Sure you do!

A lot of us remember how insanely big Bioshock was when Microsoft released it originally. A big, clunking, violent first-person shooter that was steam punk but not too steam punk and horror but not too horror, all set in an anti-theist utopia where you can do more or less anything in the name of scientific progression. Oh, and it’s at the bottom of the ocean. Hey, that sounds like a good idea for a movie right?

Right, and it was on everyone’s minds for a long time. The popularity of the game combined with the uniqueness of the story was gold dust to the studios. One such studio, Universal, but their money where their mouth was and got the ball rolling, bringing on Pirates of the Carribean director Gore Verbinski to helm the project. And that’s about as far as it got. There were problems from the very beginning, because everything that made Bioshock a great game made it near impossible to translate onto the screen. The film screen I mean, not the computer screen.

So the project, for want of a better word, drowned, and we were left with nothing but a tried-but-failed adaptation, which in a way is worse than the idea never coming to light at all. But fortunately there’s now something to show for the project that never came to be. Illustrator Kasra Farahani, who’s worked on Thor and Star Trek Into Darkness, released an online portfolio that includes some unused concept art from the would-be video game adaptation. Take a look, courtesy of Blastr:















What a lovely trip down memory lane. It’s all very faithful to the game – in fact you could almost mistake these pieces for artwork from the original game as opposed to an adaptation. Also not much can be gleaned about any plot that was going to be established, but it’s interesting to wonder how the storyline would have developed if the project continued. Sorry Bioshock, but at least we’ll always have Xbox.