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Comic Book Slideshow! Angel, Vision, Yellow Jacket and the Joker Make an Appearance!

We were talking yesterday about finally getting a look at Jamie Bell‘s The Thing in Fantastic Four, putting a nice ribbon around a fairly humble media frenzy. You would think that the main outcome of this reveal would just be a little added comfort and anticipation about a mysterious Marvel reboot. But it seems as though a mini Renaissance has been sparked and solo characters from big comic book movie are being revealed all over the place. Instead of making you click on four separate links to four different reveals, we thought we’d stick them all on one list so you could look at them all together… Because we’re classy. So let’s go through some character reveals from Xmen: Apocalypse, Ann-Marie, Suicide Squad AND Avengers: Age of Ultron. Check them out!

Let’s start with Xmen because, to be honest, it’s probably not the reveal you were looking for. We’d all love a gander at Apocalypse, but this artwork for Angel is plenty exciting. Ben Hardy was recently revealed to be playing the winged mutant, but we had no confirmation about which design they were going to use for his wings. Would they use feathers or a metallic design used in some comic incarnations? Well, they went metallic, and it looks pretty damn badass. Check it is below, courtesy of Empire:

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Granted this is just artwork, but it definitely bodes well for the rest of the team and the costumes they’ll be rocking. Hopefully we’ll get a look at some real costumes very soon.

Next we have Ant-Man, which has gone somewhat covert since its big trailer reveal all those months ago. It’s been hard for the super shrunken first timer to take precedent with big time Marvel sequels cropping up at the same time, but they’ve played it cool and waited for the optimum moment to give us a look at Yellow Jacket, the much discussed villain and anti-Ant Man. Have a look below and see what you think, courtesy of The Wrap:


It’s good to see that they’ve included the mechanical arms in the shot. Is it me or does he look a smudge too Iron Man-ish? Not that that’s a bad thing of course. He definitely looks more monstrous than anticipated, which is definitely exciting to see. Hopefully we’ll be seeing to two fight it out before long.

Let’s move on to Suicide Squad. You’ll recall we got a group Twitter shot of the cast of the DC movie with director David Ayer doing a read through. Awesome? You bet, but there was one question on everyone’s lips: where’s Jared Leto? Where’s The Joker? Well sometimes questions get answered and we got a shot of Leto replicating the classic Joker image from the cover or acclaimed Alan Moore graphic novel Killing Joke. Have a look, fresh from Slashfilm:


I think he nailed it! It would have been great to see Leto in full garb, but it’s enough to see him with his bright green crew cut. It looks as though they’re having fun with the role which can only be a good thing. They wouldn’t give the Joker a camera in Askham Asylum though would they? Maybe he was the one taking the group photo.

Aaaaaaaaand the final movie on our list is Avengers: Age of Ultron. Out of all the movies on the list, Avengers 2 has definitely gotten the most press and had the biggest trailer haul. But that still wasn’t enough when we knew that Paul Bettany would be playing caped android The Vision. Well now we have a good look at the man-bot. Hot out of the Marvel Movie News oven:


Yes! It’s a hexagonal design, we haven’t seen one of those since Man of Steel. Despite the undeniably human eyes, Vision is looking pretty much perfect when you compare him to the comics. If they’re staying this faithful to the canon, will we be seeing Vision getting romantic with Scarlet Witch? Oh that happened… I think.

Well there you have it, a veritable possy of comic characters we’ve been dying to see over the last few months. Can we watch the films now?

Could “Star Wars” Celebration Kick Off with Trailer and Poster?

Even if you’re not crazy about the marvel universe or getting psyched about the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron premi√®re, you might be just as eager for the release so that you can get a sneaky glimpse of the latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s definitely the second most exciting think about the release, but that may not be the only time the trailer is being revealed. It may not even be the earliest time it’s being revealed! Don’t try with me, I hear you cry. Of you’ve got some news then spill it! Will do, threatening readers, will do.

There are rumours coming out of Slashfilm and Collider that something big will be going down at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim in mid-point, based mainly on a suggestion by JJ Abrams that the celebration will be starting off in a big way. What could that mean? Well it could be big news, or a big trailer. But in any case, it sounds as though there will be a poster involved!

For every speculation about the upcoming trailer there’s another three about the nature of the Force Awakens poster. Don’t trust my data? I don’t blame you since I just made them up. In any case people are curious. Will it be traditional and take the multi character artistic portrait of the entire movie? Seems unlikely, since that might give too much of the movie away and a lot of it is still under wraps. Perhaps it will be a teaser poster? Not as descriptive but sets a tone and a precedent. Think of the young Anakin Skywalker and his Darth Vader shadow for the Phantom Menace teaser?

In any case, it will be taking pride of place on my wall for the foreseeable future. If the trailer does appear at the celebration then that’s awesome, but even if we just get a look at the poster then I think I could manage. How about you?

The Star Wars Celebration will take place on April 16th.