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Pitch puns, pitch puns everywhere! New “Pitch Perfect 2” Trailer

Hey, remember when it used to be weird if you were a fan of Pitch Perfect? Man, what a backwards, nonsensical time that was. These days I’m glad to be able to report on the all-singin’, fist-swingin’ musical comedy without a hint of sarcasm or dry snootiness. Seriously, I’m glad. The first film was a knockout and from the looks of it the sequel should at worst follow suit and at best be a great film in its own right. Do I mean great as in Citizen Kane great? No, of course not, but there’s lots of different kinds of great…great white sharks is another example.

Anyway, back on topic we’ve already had a look at what to expect from Pitch Perfect 2 with a theatrical trailer, but now we have a all new trailer to have a look at. Expect global leaders, going commando and something else beginning with G. Girls I guess? Yeah, lets go with girls. Courtesy of Universal UK:

So pretty standard as second trailers go: a little more exposition, a smidge more over-arching storyline, and a solid look at the villain. Lets just hope that the same goes for the next Star Wars Episode VII trailer. Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Skylar Astin and helms-woman Elizabeth Banks are all back in their Pitch Perfect roles. Expect this one on May 15th for a US release.

Are you pitchin’ hard or hardly pitchin’?