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New Trailer for “True Story” with James Franco and Jonah Hill

This really couldn’t have come at a better time. After everything that has happened with The Interview over the last couple of weeks, there was a real concern about one particular aspect of the film that. But now we have confirmation: James Franco still has a film career. Phew!

Now that that’s out of the way, we have something completely on the other end of the spectrum with True Story, Franco’s latest project with collaborator Jonah Hill. Hey, did you know both of these guys are Oscar nominees? I know, right?

True Story is directed by Rupert Goold and chronicles the true story (get it?) of Christian Longo, a man who murdered his family and then assumed the identity of New York Times journalist Michael Finkel. Finkel, played by Hill, visits Longo (Franco) in jail and finds himself drawn into the alleged murderers web. Check out the trailer, straight from Slashfilm:

Is it me, or was there not a single joke in that whole trailer? Considering that the last film these guys worked on together was This Is The EndTrue Story is a quantum leap in the right direction.

Director Goold wrote the script along with David Kajganich, based on the original events that were chronicled in the baffling memoir that Finkel wrote in 2006.

There are parts of this film that seem downright sinister. There’s no denying that Franco has a lot of strings to his bow, but so far we haven’t really seen him take on a straight maniac. That combined with the truly bizarre events potentially make for an excellent feature.

Are you ready to believe Finkel’s True Story?

“The Crow” changes hands, director corin hardy takes over

The reboot of The Crow, based on James O’Barr‘s cult graphic novel, is one of those projects that feels like it’s been in the works forever. Countless different actors and directors have been connected and fallen away just as quickly. Luke Evans is the latest actor with any claim on the role as the man who is resurrected by a supernatural crow and takes revenge after watching his fiancée get murdered.

The stability of the project was brought into question again this week as director F. Javier Gutiérrez taken leave of the graphic novel adaptation. There has been some speculation that he was opting to work on the latest film in the Ring franchise, but there’s simply not enough evidence to support that.

But fear not, Crow fans. Doors shut and windows open and all that nonsense, as director Corin Hardy has now been attached to run the show. Gutiérrez has not washed his hands of the project entirely, and will apparently stay on as an executive producer. This may seem like a minimal detail but O’Barr, who is still on board as a consultant for the reboot, was singing the praises of Gutiérrez and his plans to make an entirely faithful adaptation of the graphic novel.

Relativity Studios’ decision to hire Hardy was due in no small part to recommendation made by fellow director Edgar Wright to producer Edward R. Pressman.

Hardy also has a project entitled The Hallow coming out next year, and is scheduled to start work on The Crow in the spring with an as yet unconfirmed release date.

If you want to see some of Hardy’s previous work, check out his animated short Butterfly below; or alternatively some of his music video work, which includes bands like The Prodigy, Keane and Biffy Clyro.

The original film adaptation of The Crow was released in 1993 with director Alex Proyas and starring the late actor Brandon Lee in his final film role.

Are you still excited to see The Crow fly again? Which actor would you like to see attached?