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Check Out First Trailer for Chris Columbus’ “Pixels”

Pixels is one of those files that I’ve been dying to get a good look at. Not because I’m convinced that it will be a great film, but kind of the opposite: I have absolutely not idea how good or bad this film will be. Sure it lends itself to The Lego Movie style comedic action and nostalgia, but could that last long enough to sustain what could just as easily be a digital SNL short? Well we’re gonna find out, ’cause a trailer has officially dropped for the half animated half live action summer movie. But will it be a blockbuster? Let’s find out, courtesy of Sony Pictures:

Well that was… I honestly don’t think that helped me make up my mind. The action portion of Chris Columbus‘ looks pretty badass, and the way live action miscellany dissolves into CG pixels when attacked by the arcade characters is a gorgeous touch. We all  got some looks at Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage as aged nerds taking on an alien horde that mistook ’80s video games as a declaration of war.

The question remains, as it always does with family action comedies, as to where the focus will lie. The reason this question is so much more important with this movie as opposed to say Night at the Museum, is the comedic cast. A good portion of movie-goers may consider not even humouring this film because Adam Sandler and Kevin James are holding the reins. Neither has had an astounding track record recently when it comes to features (the less said about Blended the better), and while the comedy looks solid enough, it doesn’t wow. However, this could just be a skewed view – the jokes may have been perfectly delightful coming out of someone else other than Sandler. Also the decent supporting cast us more than capable of picking up potential slack – and it is still potential at this point. In any case, I’ll be going to see Pixels this summer, and solve the mystery once and for all!

Adam Sandler’s “Ridiculous 6” Refuses to Die, Moves to Netflix and Gets a Cast

Netflix has become a very multi-faceted creature over the years, and one of the results of its bold move into movie-making is that it serves as a foothold for films that have been tossed out of the window by studios. The benefit of this new side-channel is that projects that would otherwise be deemed not commercial enough or simply not worth the money to produce have a second chance at being seen. The disadvantage however is that films that maybe don’t need to get made get made all the same. According to The Wrap, the latest film to be taken on by Netflix is The Ridiculous 6, Adam Sandler‘s Western comedy. The film was originally set up with Sony and Paramount but deals were never finalised. It’s up to you whether you see The Ridiculous 6 as a film that should or shouldn’t be made; either way, it is happening.

Although it sounds like a poorly titles pre-prequel to Tarantino’s upcoming Hateful EightThe Ridiculous 6 is more of a straight mick-take of old-style Westerns, which probably won’t make for any particularly new subject matter. Netflix have signed Sandler up for a four-deal contract. Whilst this might suggest that Netflix have a l;ot of faith in the movie, they might alternatively appreciate the lowest-common-denominator appeal of Sandler’s comedy. Am I still being impartial? Who cares.

We also have a potential cast list for the film, which could include a lot of familiar names: Steve Buscemi, Rob Schneider, Dan Aykroyd, Will Forte, Nick Swardson, Terry Crews, Jon Lovitz and Vanilla Ice, all of whom have previously appeared in Happy Madison productions. Since then, most of them have moved on to better and more popular things, so maybe the film has something going for it. The cast also allegedly includes Taylor Lautner, Nick Nolte, Blake Shelton and Whitney Cummings.

Class reunion: Lovitz, Buscemi, Schneider and Ice have all worked with Sandler on previous projects.
Class reunion: Lovitz, Buscemi, Schneider and Ice have all worked with Sandler on previous projects.

Here’s how The Wrap describes the plot of the film, according to insiders: Sandler will play man who grew up as an orphan among an Indian tribe. Lautner, Schneider, Wilson and Crews are poised to play his half-brothers, while the final half-brother has yet to be cast.

This four-film deal with Netflix won’t include any of Sandler’s upcoming project that are already in the works, such as Hotel Transylvania 2 or PixelsWe’ll most likely be hearing the details of the other projects in the coming months.

Since standard Westerns aren’t really part of the mainstream film landscape anymore and Seth McFarlane’s  A Million Ways To Die In The West polarised audiences so dramatically, there is a definite question as to whether a Western comedy is a sound investment. Hopefully the strong cast will fill any potential gaps in the script or the comedy.

Are you ready to get ridiculous?



Let’s pixelate! Check out Pacman and Space Invaders in first “Pixels” posters

Sure, on paper it sounds like the scheme of a super-rich emancipated ten year old. But Pixels is becoming a reality whether we wanted to believe it or not. In a combined venture  between director Chris Columbus and Adam Sandler, Pixels will pit a team of arcade game champions against giant pixelated aliens bent on destroying mankind. Now Sony have upped the ante by releasing three posters for the feature, each depicting a different arcade game favourite attacking the planet. Columbus’ last directorial gig was Percy Jackson & The Lightening Thief in 2010, but he’s been keeping his wits sharp with a string of producing work on films like the Night At The Museum franchise, so we know he can still handle an action comedy when the situation calls for it. But for the moment we only have the posters to go on, so check them out, courtesy of Collider:




Not bad right? It looks good as a poster concept, now we just need to see if the film lives up to it. The good news is that the cast is solid, with names like Peter Dinklage, Michelle MonaghanJosh Gad, and Brian Cox. Sandler and buddy for life Kevin James also star, but hopefully it won’t be just about them.

Are you getting excited for Pixels?