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Sundance Stunner “James White” Trailer


And the awesome festival trailers just keep on coming with James White!

If the name James White sounds familiar, it’s been a huge talking point of Sundance this year. Either that or you have a friend named James White, which is also very reasonable.

In a grand festival tradition of putting all your chips on the shoulders of a young up and coming actor, James White makes a striking pack mule of Christopher Abbott of Girls fame. You may find some similarities between Girls and James White. Mainly it’s that rich seam of wayward twenty-something’s steering away from structure and responsibility to find some meaning in their life.

James White is one such twenty something, struggling to care for his terminally ill mother boldly played by Cynthia Nixon. In the trailer alone, Abbott sprints from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other with what looks like severe aplomb. Abbott certainly takes up a huge portion of the screen time, but he’s definitely not hard to watch and get drawn in to.

James White comes from the mind of Josh Mond in his directorial debut. Mond has produced on work including Simon Killer, Afterschool and Martha Marcy May Marlene. Mond’s work has all been bold, intimate¬†and unique as a producer. It looks as though he’s brought¬†the same intuition to his new position. If James White hits home, might we be seeing more directorial work from Mond in the future?

A word that’s going to be the own a around a lot when reviewing James White is “energy”. It’s vague and meaningless on its own, but Abbott’s definitely got a butt load of it.

Also starring Ron Livingston and Scott Mescudi, James White opens November 8th.

Hit the link to read an interview with Josh Mond earlier this year by No Film School.

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