Stay Calm.. Sony are Making a Film About Emojis


No sneering, no cheap gags, no vicious rants. Let’s just talk. Yes, Sony Pictures Animation has won a bidding war for the rights to make a film about emojis. That is currently a thing that is happening in the world. But let’s not get a head of ourselves here, and instead think about whether this news is really so shocking.

Screen Rant has reported on the story, explaining that the animation branch of Sony won out against two other studios for the emojis rights. Let’s talk about that first: it wasn’t as though this purchase occurred in a vacuum. Two other studios were interested in this property – obviously not quite as iinterested as Sony seeing as they won the bid, buy there was clearly some serious demand floating around at one point.

If you’re not familiar with Sony Pictures Animation’s work, it includes the likes of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Igor, Hotel Transylvania and Smurfs. While the studio currently has Hotel Transylvania and Smurfs sequels in the pipeline, they’re also releasing the live action Goosebumps adaptation starring Jack Black.

Sure, they’re not as prominent in the animation world as Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks, since their work rarely breaks the critical sound barrier and often lacks the merchandising windfall that gives animated movies more staying power. That being said, a movie about emojis isn’t the most insane idea in the world… As a starting point! Do we really want a repeat of what happened with The Lego Movie? We all had plenty of egg on our face when that trailer came out after all the jokes we made about how terrible it would be.

Perhaps we need to give this project a wide birth: the property a movie is based on isn’t limited to books, plays, history or video games anymore. The market is slick with board games, toy franchises, and the latest revolutions of pop culture.

How will we know if it’s gonna be good? Well have to wait for a plot to appear. Emojis is a concept, it’s not a whole film, so at some point a story is going to be needed to flesh the thing out. Don’t get me wrong – it could very easily be a trainwreck. Let’s just wait until they build the train first.

Igor director Tony Leonidis will take the helm and Eric Siegel is currently set to write the script. Let’s see how this bizarre idea plays out.

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