Star Wars: The Force Awakens Finally Gets a Poster


There’s no better way to welcome the final Star Wars trailer than with a no-nonsense old school poster. But who’s missing?

In case you didn’t know, Star Wars The Force Awakens is due out in the UK on the 17th December. In case you also didn’t know, we’ve got a brand new trailer landing in the wee hours of Tuesday morning with ESPN’s Monday Night Football. Will you be quietly waiting around for it to be released online? If course not, quietly waiting is for chumps and hungry tortoises.

So what to do until then to fill the time? Well fortunately a poster’s been released in anticipation of the new trailer. So who’s up for elaborately ripping it to shreds? Keep your lightsabers up so I can count them.

Here’s the Star Wars poster in all aspects to resplendent glory, courtesy of Screen Rant:


And what a resplendent poster it is. Knowing JJ Abram‘s unrelenting respect for the Star Wars franchise as it stands, it was bound to be the classic poster design. The emphasis is clearly on John Boyega‘s budding trooper turned Jedi Finn,  Daisy Ridley‘s badass Rey and the masked maverick that is Adam Driver‘s Kylo Ren. Carrie Fischer and Harrison Ford take a modest but prominent place in the lower middle above a sea of storm-troopers.

But wait, where’s Mark Hamill? Excellent question. Hamill looks to be the only key player who doesn’t appear on the poster. But why? Is Luke Skywalker not as big a role as we were hoping? Or is there something about his appearance they want to hold back? Or is Kylo Ren Skywalker? No don’t be ridiculous. A surprising presence on the poster is the ball droid name. Originally thought to be just a delicious prop, perhaps the spunky sphere has a bigger role to fill.

In any case, people have been going mad about the poster. Twitter is currently an ocean of Star Wars fan squees. Here are some fun and at times terrifying examples:

All this talk is going to be engulfed tomorrow when the new trailer comes out, so enjoy it whole it lasts. Hopefully the trailer will answer the latest questions raised by this iconic poster.

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