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Star Trek Beyond trailer: The Frontier Pushes Back


Kirk and Spock lose their ship, their crew, and their director in the Star Trek Beyond trailer. Will the Enterprise boldly go once more?

“This is where the frontier pushes back”

An awful lot of new sci-fi flying has been around the last few days. First we got our first look at Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse in the new X-Men instalment. After that we got a blast from the past with the first trailer for the long-gestating Independence Day: Resurgence. Now we have the hotly awaited Star Trek Beyond trailer, the latest chapter in the rebooted franchise (courtesy of Slashfilm). For a second there, I completely forgot that Star Wars The Force Awakens comes out in 3 days. Let’s watch, shall we?

When it comes to Star Trek Beyond trailer, one big question has been on everyone’s lips. How will the loss of J.J. Abrams as director disrupt the franchise? After taking his talents to a galaxy far, far away, Justin Lin of Fast and Furious fame stepped up to sit in the Captain’s chair.

If you didn’t know that Star Trek Beyond had a new director, you could certainly guess from the Star Trek Beyond trailer. Heck, you could probably guess Justin Lin was directing. The 90 second trailer packs a truck-load of action in as well as a sizable dollop of comedy to go along with it. Granted both Star Trek and Into Darkness had their fair share of yucks and karate chops, but there was a rich seam of emotional grit, especially with Into Darkness.

But does this reflect the fell of the whole film? Unlikely. The use of Beastie Boys “Sabotage” seems to have split audiences down the middle. However, since this song was played by Kirk in the first Star Trek, it seems to be a nod to fans that says “don’t worry, we thought the first films were awesome too”.

All of the original cast look to be back in the swing of it. Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban and John Cho all return for the Enterprise crew’s first trek into deep space. Sofia Boutella is a new addition as an unnamed alien species. Idris Elba doesn’t make a clear appearance in the trailer, but he is heard saying some pretty sinister stuff.

We’ll undoubtedly be seeing a lot more bits and pieces from the Star Trek Beyond trailer camp, so we may see some different sides to what the film has to offer. Who know, we may get a peek at Idris Elba’s character before long.

Star Trek Beyond hits cinemas on July 22nd.
Watch this space for all the latest Star Trek Beyond movie news.

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