Daniel Craig Spectre poster

Craig’s Bond Tuxes Up in New “Spectre” Poster


Daniel Craig promotes Spectre with an old school 007 look that would put Roger Moore himself to shame.

With only 8 weeks left until it’s release, the Spectre promo train keeps on rolling. This is normally a time reserved for TV spots and magazine spreads – nothing really worth reporting on. But the Spectre team has thrown a curve ball with a blast from the past in its new promo poster.

Daniel Craig Spectre poster
Daniel Craig Spectre poster

Firstshowing.net has brought attention to the new poster, which harks back to the James Bond of years gone by. Bond-in-residence Daniel Craig switches up the ski suit and goggles for a good old-fashioned white jacket tuxedo. This looks like a formal homage to 1973’s Live and Let Die. In the classic Bond adventure Roger Moore rocked a tux not dissimilar to the one Craig is sporting.

It’s not all nostalgia though. We’ve got the Day of the Dead art in the background, nodding to the scenes we’ve seen in Spectre of the Mexican festival.

It’s a welcome promo, dripping with classic Bond finesse. But the timing is a more than a little intriguing. Craig recently stated in an interview with MTV that his version of Bond would move away from the antics of his predecessors. He made specific references to their tendency towards misogyny and sexism. However, in the poster he looks to be embracing the habits of the ex-Bonds.

Is one meant to balance the other? It would make sense: people might be out off if Craig said he was forgoing the 007 archetype completely. Maybe the poster is there to remind that he’s still all Bond. Personally, I’m convinced.

Directed by Sam Mendes, Spectre will be making its entrance on November 6th. New stars includes Christoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci, Andrew Scott and Lea Seydoux. Returning cast members include Naiome Harris as Moneypenny, Ralph Fiennes as M and Ben Wishaw as Q.

Watch this space for all the spookiest, latest movie news.

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