Sony Schedules Two “Bad Boys” Sequels


If you caught a glimpse of the movie schedule Sony released yesterday, you’ll no doubt have gotten a shiver or two at what the studio has ins tore for us over the next few years. I could spend this whole post debating whether or not a Jumanji reboot will appease my inner child or seriously tick him off, but instead let’s talk about Bad Boys.

According to the Sony schedule, two sequels are being planned for the hugely popular action comedy cop franchise. Directed by Michael Bay, Bad Boys 1 & 2 starred Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as two cops/best buds who do whatever it takes to stop drug dealers and terrorists respectively.

Hints of a Bad Boys 3 have been around for about 6 years now, with writers and the odd director attached to the project. However, this schedule is the most substantial information we’ve gotten about the frnachise in a long time. The fact that there are two sequels planned already is a rare show of confidence for a studio, especially with a franchise that is a good few years old at this point.

It’s not clear yet whether stars Smith and Lawrence will return: logic dictates that their involvement would be pivotal in making the sequels work. However, there’s nothing stopping Sony from pulling a True Detective and setting up two entirely new Bad Boys in a different city at a different time.

Smith has been making huge waves since his resurrection from movie death at the hands of After Earth. Con-thriller focus was a surprise hit and Suicide Squad already has DC fans salivating. But with all this recent success will Smith have time for Bad Boys? I’m assuming Lawrence will, since his dance card has been a little lighter than his co-star’s of late. It’s very likely that both stars are already is Sony’s plans for the sequels, but will the promise of a two movie deal be enough to entice them?

Bad Boys 3 is set for a February 2017 release, and Bad Boys 4 is scheduled for July 2019.

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