Remember Robin Williams in a clip from his final role


It speaks to the prolific and boundless energy of Robin Williams’ career that, even four months after his tragic death, we are still seeing him in new releases. It is also a testament to his popularity of the comedy master that his name was one of the top Google searches of 2014. So with that in mind, it’s delightful and heartbreaking to see footage from Robin William’s last acting role in Absolutely Anything. The feature is a new Monty Python project with alumni Terry Jones in the director’s chair. The other pythons, Jones included, play aliens who give Simon Pegg the power to do “absolutely anything”. So Pegg chooses to give his dog the ability to speak, and guess whose voice it is? Here’s the clip, courtesy of Deadline:

Williams was the first actor to sign on to the project while it was still in the early stages, and is reported to have brought a lot of his own ideas to the character.

“One thing we’re grateful to Robin for is he was the first to come on and he stuck with the whole thing,” explained Jones’ co-writer Gavin Scott.

During a recent ADR session in Los Angeles, Scott also attested to the selflessness and good humour that has culminated in Williams’ legacy as an actor and entertainer. “He wanted to make everybody feel good from the engineer to the lady making the coffee. It was very late in the day for him and we didn’t know that, but he was a real mensch.”

It’s hard to believe that this is the last film that Williams will ever be a part of, but from what the footage suggests it will be a cheeky, light-hearted cap on a career that gave joy to so many.


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