Quentin Tarantino Shared Universe Confirmed by Director


The Quentin Tarantino shared universe exists, and it also has a movie universe within it. But where do they all fit in?

Well, it finally happened. Everything we’ve wondered about Quentin Tarantino‘s movies are true. As Hollywood directors go, not on of them generate as many fan theories as Tarantino. Sure, we’ll drive ourselves mad theorising what Christopher Nolan will do next, or how JJ Abrams is going to trick us next. But when it comes to Tarantino, we’re looking at the big picture. There aren’t many film fans who haven’t heard the theory that all of Quentin Tarantino‘s movies are all connected. Sure, it all made sense, but where’s the proof? Well, now we have it.

The news from The Daily Mail is that the director of the Hateful Eight has revealed that he has dabbled in shared universes. Tarantino was on the talk show The Project this week when he spilled the beans on the whole setup. But it’s not as simple as we all thought. When asked about his characters all inhabiting one Tarantino shared universe, Tarantino had this to say:

“That’s not 100 per cent correct. There is actually two separate universes…There is the realer than real universe, alright. And all the characters inhabit that one.”

So it’s true! All the Tarantino films are connected in some way. So where does the second universe come into this? Well Tarantino had the answer:

“But then there’s this movie universe. So From Dusk Till Dawn, Kill Bill, they all take place in this special movie universe…So when all the characters of Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction, when they go to the movies, Kill Bill is what they go to see. From Dusk Till Dawn is what they see.”

We’ll there you have it. All his movies are either part of a real Tarantino shared universe or in the films that people in that real universe go to see. Simple right?

There have been a lot of clues over the years that Tarantino’s films had a connection aside from their director. It’s easy to understand why the characters in Pulp Fiction are so at home with violence given how their ancestors in Django Unchained and Inglorious Basterds behaved.

It also makes sense that some of the film’s would inhabit their own film universe. Many of Tarantino’s films including Kill Bill pay homage to the movie genres of old. It’s comforting to know that the Reservoir Dogs are sitting down to watch Beatrix Kiddo take the Crazy 88 to task.

So the Tarantino shared universe conspiracy can be put to bed. Now if we can get Pixar to admit it well be in business.

Quentin Tarantino‘s Hateful 8 is out in cinemas now.

Watch this space for all the latest Quentin Tarantino movie news.

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