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Shane Black’s Predator Reboot gets a Teaser Image


Shane Black is getting back to directing with his Predator reboot, which now has an intriguing image and tagline.

Yesterday we were discussing Todd McFarlane’s plans to resurrect his character Spawn on the big screen. Coincidentally, today we’e got another franchise looking to make its mark again. Predator has had a bit more on-screen success than Spawn did, however. So far there have been 5 films about or involving the Predator species – a couple of them were even pretty good. But now it looks like a new Predator reboot is inbound, and we’ve got the tagline and poster to prove it.

The news from Screenrant is that writer turned director Shane Black is moving full steam ahead with his plans for a Predator reboot. There have been rumblings for a while, but now we have a full blown image with a cheeky tagline:

predator reboot teaser
Predator? I hardly know ‘er

The film will be entitled The Predator, and so far it’s still pretty heavily under wraps. However, given the tagline is “You’ll never see him coming”, we can assume that the focus of the film will be a solo Predator as opposed to the packs of Predators we saw in the last film Predators (directed by Nimrod Antal). This also fits with the title of The Predator, as this would suggest we’re looking at a solitary, lone wolf kind of fella. It’s also unclear what continuity this film will follow, and whether it will refer back to Antal’s Predators, the original Predator film or the Alien v Predator franchise. Odds are they’ll steer clear of the last one but the other two are still in the realms of possibility.

In case you’re not familiar with Predator as a character/species, they’re big dreadlocked humanoid aliens who have a thing about going to other planets and hunting other species big-game style. 2010’s Predators even saw warriors from earth transported to another world to be hunted.

Shane Black has had a good run of directing gigs so far. Despite his debut Kiss Kiss Bang Bang not killing at the box office it was well respected critically. Since then, Black has come back commercially in a big way directing Iron Man 3. Now, Black is busier than ever! As well as currently working on The Nice Guys with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, he’s trying to get two revival properties into development – Doc Savage and Remo Williams: The Destroyer.

You only have to look at these projects to see that Black has a very unique palette when it comes to film-making, which is a good sign for The Predator. The only question is which direction will Black go in – the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang route or the Iron Man 3 route? With Predator popularity being an unpredictable metric, he may have go on the commercial side a little to get people through the door. but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be awesome.

Watch this space for all the latest The Predator reboot movie news.

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