Pixar Posters Galore! “Incredibles 2”, “Good Dinosaur” and More From D23 Expo


“You think Marvel Studios is the king of posters!? We’re Pixar, dammit – our sequels are made from the bones of Gods and written in the blood of titans!”

This is a fictional quote from a fictional executive at Pixar, but there’s every reason for Pixar to be just as jazzed about posters right now thanks to their spectacular reveal of their upcoming animated franchises.

The D23 Expo has been in full swing this past week, and with that a whole stack of news and reveals have been catapulted out of the woodwork. One of the more subtle inclusions of the Expo has been the rogues gallery of new feature posters. A visual timeline of sorts, the gallery takes us from The Good Dinosaur, which will see a young boy and his felicitous dinosaur chum embark on a reptilian romp, all the way to The Incredibles 2. In between, we’ve got Finding Dory, Toy Story 4 and Cars 3. Granted, The Good Dinosaur is the only new property poster included, but many of the more established titles in the list are just as exciting for Pixar fans.

Here’s a few shots from the wall of posters, coming soon to the bedroom wall of a nerdish man-child near you! Courtesy of Twitter and Imgur respectively:

Incredibles2PosterartcleanD23full493 D23PixarpostersmainCars3bigimgsv9 D23PixarpostersmainComingsoon598

Incredibles is perhaps the most intriguing property on the wall, despite not being the freshest. Suggestions of a sequel have been floating around for a year or so now, and with Brad Bird needing a redemption of sorts after Tomorrowland, the superhero sequel is bound to be a stunner. Toy Story 4 has some vague plot details attached to it, with Woody and Buzz rescuing Bo Peep – Woody’s girlfriend – from some unknown pickle. Cars 3 is Cars 3, and Finding Dory…well, everything we need to know is in the title.

Hopefully we’ll be getting a lot more than posters for these features very soon. Good Dinosaur is the only one with a teaser at the moment but with any luck we’ll have fully fledged trailers for the whole lot.

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