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“Planet of the Apes” Sequel Lands Gabriel Chavarria


Garbiel Chavarria will join a cast of CGI apes in a war of some kind…on a planet.

It goes without saying that when we watch either Rise or Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, we’re mostly just there for the apes. I mean come on, they’re warring, plotting, (sometimes) talking simians! You can’t out a price on that kind of entertainment.

The humans? Not so much. Seriously, give me one human character’s name from either film. I’ve got nothing, and it’s a damn shame. As good as Oldman, Lithgow, Jason Clarke and the like were, their characters ended up two dimensional and in the peripheries. But will this be the case for the upcoming War of the Planet of the Apes?Hopefully not, because casting has already started.

Sources have named Gabriel Chavarria as the human lead in the Apes sequel. Chavarria will be familiar from his work on NBC’s Aquarius alongside David Duchovny, as well as Hulu’s East Los High.

Nothings certain about his role as yet. The title suggests some kind of military leader, but most likely not in the formal sense. The final conflict at the end of Dawn saw a shaky truce established between the human and ape forces. But we all know that’s not going to like. So will Chavarria be an unwilling solider or the champion of the dwindling human resistance? Or will his role be less obvious than that? Let’s hope so. The fact is the human roles need to be fleshed out a lot more if we’re going to side with them over our simian overlords.

Director Matt Reeves is already busy with the script with co-writer Mark Bomback. With shooting starting in Vancouver in October, we’ll no doubt be hearing about more casting choices to join Chavarria very soon. There’s not much else to say on this right now, but we’ll keep you updated with the news as we go.

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