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Pete’s Dragon Full Trailer: ‘What’s a Dragon?’


Our first look at Elliot, the big green furry invisible dragon in the full trailer for Disney’s live action reboot of Pete’s Dragon. Read more after the jump.

Disney has made it very clear over the last 12 months that we need to get on board with live action adaptations of their cartoon classics. They eased us in with loose adaptations like Maleficent and Into the Woods. Then they moved to Cinderella and this year’s The Jungle Book, which are far more faithful to their respective originals. But The Jungle Book isn’t the last live action classic we’ll see from Disney in 2016. We’ve already been given a sneak peek at Mark Rylance as The BFG. Now we’re finally getting a look at Pete’s Dragon, which is due for an August release.

For anyone who doesn’t remember or isn’t quite 20 yet, Pete’s Dragon is the story of one boy and his best friend Elliot – a big green dragon that can turn invisible. While that cornerstone remains the same in this reboot, there are a few distinct changes. Oakes Fegley (Boardwalk Empire) plays Pete, who in this version is a feral boy who’s survived for 6 years in the woods with Elliot. Bryce Dallas Howard is the park ranger who finds Pete and brings him to her father, played by Robert Redford. On the villain side of things we have Karl Urban playing the small town dude who finds out about a dragon and decides he’s equipped to hunt down and kill the “threat” to the town. It’s a shame that the conflict in this movie comes from such a predictable place. We didn’t see much else of the plot in the Pete’s Dragon trailer, but hopefully here’ll be enough surprises to make up for it.

There are a lot of noticeable differences between Pete’s Dragon and The BFG in terms of design. While the BFG’s CGI is contorted but hyper-realistic, Pete’s Dragon still has a largely cartoonish look. Not only is Elliot sporting classic Disney eyes, but he’s also furry as hell. While this may look a little silly at times in the Pete’s Dragon trailer it’s actually a welcome alternative. No one who enjoyed the original Pete’s Dragon wanted to see an ultra-realistic looking Game of Thrones dragon cuddling up to Pete. Now that would look silly. Also Elliot still manages to look pretty scary at times.

It certainly seems like innocence and childishness are going to play big parts in Pete’s Dragon and potentially other Disney  live action adaptations. Now we just have to see which way the beast in Beauty and the Beast is going to go.

Pete’s Dragon is set for release 12th August 2016. Watch this space for all the latest Pete’s Dragon movie news.

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