paul thomas anderson courts daniel day lewis for new project

Paul Thomas Anderson Courts Daniel Day Lewis for New Project


The pair responsible for There Will Be Blood could be reuniting for a project about 1950’s London fashion. Read more after the jump.

Paul Thomas Anderson is one of those film-makers who’s constantly mving in different directions. From his lo-fi beginnings of Cigarettes and Coffee through dark theses like Boogie Nights to novel adaptations of Inherent Vice. His latest work, a documentary of the making of the album Junun, is just another example of Anderson’s “never look back”, “just keep swimming” mentality. Let’s face it, Paul Thomas Anderson is the Dory of directors. But what if a director goes backward…in a good way. That’s ok right? It looks like that may very well be the case for Anderson, and with one of his most spectacular co-workers.

The news from Variety is that Anderson is courting Thespian/hermit Daniel Day Lewis for his next project. Although the project is untitled and is still in the scripting process, we do know that it’s based on the London fashion industry in the 1950’s. Not only that, the director is also seeking out a young actress to be cast alongside Lewis.

The only project Lewis and Anderson have worked on together was 2007’s There Will Be Blood. But as projects go, you really don’t get much better. Both are famous fr having a incomparable attention to detail. The combination of Anderson’s directing and Lewis’ performance was a powerhouse and wasn’t short of praise.

This project may be news to us but it’s been in the works for some time. Lewis has allegedly been attached to the project for some time. While this might indicate a lack of progress for anyone else, for the actor and director it’s all part of the dance. Paul Thomas Anderson is famous for taking his time when it comes to projects. His last few years have been surprisingly prolific, with two movies and a documentary over the last four years. As for Lewis, he hasn’t starred in a movie since Lincoln in 2012. Given his distaste for the limelight and his choosiness when it comes to roles,  it’s not a surprise that there’s been considerable radio silence from both camps.

This project is still in the early stages but it could be a real treat. To see Lewis and Anderson working together again is something not to be passed up. And if it’s anything near as good as There Will Be Blood, then we’ve got a stupendous project on our hands.

Paul Thomas Anderson‘s 1950’s London Fashion Movie (working title) doesn’t have a release date. Watch this space for all the latest Paul Thomas Anderson movie news.

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