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Pacific Rim Sequel Confirmed Stephen Deknight to Direct


It’s Jaeger bombs all around as Daredevil showrunner Stephen Deknight boards the treacherous Pacific Rim sequel.

Pacific Rim is one of those properties that has garnered endless dispute. Either it’s the best thing since Hellboy themed bread or its the answer to the riddle “what would happen if you gave a five year old a camera and 200 million dollars. Those same disputes have led to Universal umming and ahhing over the chance of a sequel. While director Guillermo del Toro never lost hope in the project, not everyone was so optimistic. But now it looks like del Toro was right on the money, because a Pacific Rim sequel is now officially happening.

Deadline broke the news that the giant monsters vs equally giant robots franchise would be back for another bout. Not only that, it will be getting an up and coming hotshot to take over directing duties. Stephen Deknight of Spartacus fame has been named as del Toro’s successor, in his first gig directing a movie.

This story has a lot of moving parts. Despite Pacific Rim being a bit of non starter in the US box office, it made an absolute killing in the Asian markets. This explains Universal’s back and forth on the project. Don’t forget though that Legendary Pictures has recently been purchased by a Chinese conglomerate called the Wanda Group. Hey, isn’t China where Pacific Rim did really well? Yes, we’ll remembered.

On a far less cynical note, it’s a treat to see Deknight getting his first crack at directing a film. While he’s only directed Spartacus he’s had a lot of other experience in the TV circuit including Buffy, Angel, Smallville and Dollhouse. Most recently he took over as showrunner of Daredevil, but left at the end of season 1.

When you look at these projects, a lot of them have a particular flair for action with a hint of violent realism. This could lend itself very well to Pacific Rim. The first instalment had jumbo from get scenes galore, but there’s definitely room for some tension and grit in those Jaeger v Kaiju battles. Could Deknight be the guy to bring that experience to the table?  If not, he’s also working on the new Transformers script, so he could always do some good there.

If you’re worried about a lack of del Toro charm, don’t you fret. Del Toro will still be involved as a producer, along with Thomas Tull and John Jashni.

With any luck, the combination of del Toro, Deknight and some “big” characters will lead to a Pacific Rim sequel that’s popular in the West as well as the East.

Watch all this space for all the latest Pacific Rim sequel movie news.

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