“Nosferatu”: Will they Reboot the Classic Silent Horror?


It’s no secret that Universal are plotting to revamp all their classic horror monster properties in a shared universe that follows in the footsteps of Dracula Untold. So while horror purists have talked about nearly nothing else since the news came to light, this new reboot rumour is sure to grab their attention for good or ill…probably ill. It seems that silent movie terror Nosferatu is set to be brought back from the grave.

Empire is reporting that film-maker Robert Eggers is eyeing the bald, long fingered, skeletal ghoul for a reboot. The original Nosferatu, or Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, was released in 1922 and is a perfectly chilling piece of horror legacy. As an unofficial retelling of Bram Stoker‘s Dracula, the film portrayed the nefarious Count Orlock wreaking havoc in Transylvania and following a similar path to his fanged forefather. Filmed with the continuous use of a metronome, Nosferatu is an eerily rhythmic nightmare.

Jeff Robinov is helming the idea with his Studio 8 production company, and he’s brought Eggers on to write and direct. Fairly new to the filmmaking party, Eggers has already made a name for himself at Sundance with The Witch, the story of familial self-destruction on a devout Christian farm. As well as that, Eggers will also be working on upcoming medievel drama The Knight. This looks to be the foundation of a potentially strong horror film-maker, and if you’re remaking Nosferatu you’ll need to be.

While horror aficionados may scoff at the notion of remaking the third highest rated horror film on Rotten Tomatoes, there’s a solid precedent. Werner Herzog made his own homage to the film with Nosferatu the Vampyre. Shadow of the Vampire was a satirical horror that retold the making of Nosferatu, claiming that Nosferatu actor Max Schrek was actually a real vampire. This is a considerable legacy given that most of the prints of the film were destroyed, after the Stoker family won a copyright infringement law suit against the makers of the film.

At the end of the day, however, a direct remake hasn’t been made before, and this is what could make fans nervous. Having said that, it would be fascinating to see what the film could become over 90 years after its original release.

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