New Trailer for Neil Blomkamp’s “Chappie” May Surprise You


If you happened to catch the first trailer for Neil Blomkamp’s latest sci-fi endeavour Chappie, you might have thought that the story of an innocent artificial intelligence learning to grow and live in a world turned against it is a heart-warming one. But it turns out that’s only one side of the coin. Entertainment Weekly has revealed a second trailer for the project that definitely has more bite to it. While the first trailer focussed more on Dev Patel’s role as the scientist who is nurturing the robot’s chldish, inquisitive nature, this second trailer has a tone that’s more akin to the Robocop reboot: footage of robot police squads, the people opposed to them and the scientists who see the potential. But as it plays out, we see a sensibility that goes beyond a not-especially-memorable reboot. Check it out, courtesy of Sony:

Quite a transformation right? This movie is definitely going to be a strong combination of action and character development, which is a tough line to walk especially in the sci-fi world. There’s a lot of District 9, a previous Blomkamp project (which also took place in South Africa), in the way this film’s put together, which is a very good sign. Along with Patel, the film stars Hugh Jackman, Sigoruney Weaver, rappers Die Antwoord and Blomkamp favourite Sharlto Copley as the voice of Chappie. The film will hit theatres March 6th and I’m more buzzed for it than ever.

Are you digging Chappie?

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