Get a closer look at the new Power Rangers costumes

Get a closer look at the new ‘Power Rangers’ costumes


New video display shows just how far Dean Israelite’s Power Rangers reboot has pushed the classic costumes. Read more after the jump.

So who enjoyed the Power Rangers trailer? Sure, we didn’t get a good look at Bill Hader as Alpha 5. But still, a lot to get excited about. We got a decent amount of background to the new cast of kids taking up the mighty morphin’ mantle, not to mention a peak at Elizabeth Banks‘ Rita Repulsa in action. They also gave us a quick look at the new costumes. Now, we’ve seen the new outfits for the Rangers already. But what we hadn’t seen before was how the costumes attach themselves to our new heroes. That reveal went a long way to showing how this new generation of the franchise will set itself apart from 90’s nostalgia.

Production designer Andrew Menzies commented recently that the Power Ranger suit is “an alien costume that grows on them, that’s not man-made”. Cool concept. Too bad we only saw it for a second! Fortunately a new display of the costumes from the reboot has found its way online. Even better, there’s a 360 degree video that gets up close and personal with the new clothing line.

Check them out below, courtesy of michaelangeloming of Instagram and Screenrant!
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Pretty cool right? It’s easy to see in the video how much the costumes differ from one another. This makes sense since the costumes are supposed to embody the spirit of the host. Like Venom but with a slick chrome finish. You can also see the smaller pieces that make up the suit and build up around the wearer.

It’s not just the ranger suits that are under the microscope. Classic villain Rita Repulsa’s costumes is also on display. It definitely looks like Repulsa’s and the Rangers’ suits are related. This could just be because they’re both an alien technology of sorts. However it could also be because Repulsa used to be a ranger herself!


Oh yeah, that rumours been flying around for a while now. Could this be a little bit of confirmation? I think we’ll need a little more evidence before a potential plot point like that is confirmed.

New Power Rangers trailers should heading our way very soon. With any luck will get some more footage of the new suits in action.

Power Rangers will be in cinemas March 24 2017.  Watch this space for all the latest Power Rangers movie news.

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