Neill Blomkamp Opens a Twitter Treasure Trove of “Alien” Project Concept Art


Neil Blomkamp is one of those sci-fi directors who fans desperately want to see take on a familiar franchise. Since he crashed the party with District 9, people have been eager to see his talents steered towards a popular franchise and shake it up with his gritty, uninhibited take on sci-fi.

These wishes were almost granted it seems when Blomkamp planned to take on the xenomorph and the Alien universe some time back. Even though the project seems to have dissipated since then, Blomkamp was nice enough to rub some salt into the wound by posting some stunning concept art on Twitter. Along with the artwork Blomkamp wrote “was working on this. Don’t think I am anymore. Love it though. #alien #xenomorph”, which could almost be the epitaph on the film’s gravestone. The concept art includes some interesting takes on the xenomorph, along with Sigourney Weaver as Ripley and a familiar looking spacecraft. The artwork of choice is definitely the alien-ised Ripley and the a badass new facehugger. Check it out, courtesy of Instagram:

alien8 alien 4 alien1 alien2 alien3 alien5 alien6 alien7

Some pretty impressive artwork I’m sure you’ll agree. It would have been cool to see who that strange creature Ripley’s looking at is, and how that new facehugger goes about its business. Oh well, guess we’ll never know. At least we have Blomkamp’s Chappie to look forward to this year. Probably won’t have any xenomorphs in it, but whatever.

What’s your favourite piece in the gallery?

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