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Neill Blomkamp in Talks to Adapt ‘The Gone World’


The District 9 director could write and direct time travel story The Gone World for Fox. Will this make up for the delays on his Alien project?

You know a book is big when it gets picked up for a movie adaptation. You know a book is really big when it gets picked up before it’s even published! That’s the case with the latest novel from sci-fi writer Thomas Sweterlitsch. The writer’s previous novel Tomorrow and Tomorrow got snatched up by Tristar for an adaptation. Now it looks like his latest The Gone World is getting the same treatment. So who could direct a movie that sounds like it could only be about a dystopian future? How about Neill Blomkamp?

The news from Deadline is that Blomkamp is currently in talks to write and direct the adaptation for Fox. Apparently quite a few studios were after this book so it certainly sounds like a hot property. The timing has been perfect since the director’s recently had a lot more free time. After announcing a sequel to the alien franchise, Blomkamp’s project got benched so that Ridley Scott‘s Alien: Paradise Lost could get released first.

Blomkamp has had middling success recently with his latest movies Elysium and Chappie. This came after a frankly unprecedented breakout with District 9. Fans have been eager to see Blomkamp redeem himself, which is why the Alien debaucle was such a disappointment. That being said, The Gone World could very well be the ideal project to get Blomkamp back on form.

So what’s The Gone World about? That we don’t know. All we know so far is that the novel is a “time travel procedural”. A phrase like tat has a lot of scope, ranging from Timecop to something considerably better than Timecop. While Blomkamp hasn’t tackled this subject before it’s certainly in is realm of sci-fi expertise.

Since the novel hasn’t even been released yet, odds are this project is going to be a long time coming. However, it’s good to see something bright on Blomkamp’s horizon once again.

Watch this space for all the latest The Gone World movie new. Also, apologies to any Timecop fans – it’s pretty solid.

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