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Miles Teller to Join Military Veteran Drama


Whiplash star Teller is in talks to star in the drama about veterans dealing with PTSD.

The Fantastic Four reboot did not go well. So you’d be forgiven for worrying about career prospects of the stars. You definitely don’t need to worry about Miles Teller, though – the man is in high demand! Mr Fantastic has projects coming out of every orifice!

Along with Jonah Hill comedy Arms and the Dudes and the two part finale to the Divergent series, Teller’s got boxing biopic Bleed for This in the works too. Now the young supernova is attached to a postwar drama about military veterans.

Thank You For Your Service comes from American Sniper¬†script writer Jason Hall, who’s taking to the director’s chair this time around. The story is adapted from David Finkel‘s nonfiction work of the same name about American veterans returning home from Iraq.

The project will follow three veterans as they deal with the trials of returning to civilian life, including battles with PTSD and trying to rebuild family connections.

It’s not confirmed who Teller will play but it’d be fair to assume that he’ll take on one of the veteran roles. When you consider his work on Whiplash, Teller clearly has the emotional rawness and the experience of portraying instability at the hands of extreme conditions. However, Teller will have spent a lot of time in the realms of action and sci-fi. The question is, can Teller bring that intensity back after putting it back in the box?

Thank You For You Service will be Hall’s first turn as a director, so hopefully his work on American Sniper will help him overcome those first time jitters.

There’s no release date as yet, but hopefully we’ll have more news on this project as we go.

Keep watching this space for the latest movie news.

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