mad max: fury road behind the scenes VFX footage

Mad Max: Fury Road Behind the Scenes VFX Video


The video breakdown shows the technical and creative badassery that brought the Mad Max: Fury Road VFX to life. Read more after the jump.

I don’t have enough hands to count the number of times I’ve rewatched Mad Max: Fury Road. Le’ts just say I’ve watched it more than the other Mad Max films combined. Except for Road Warriors, obviously. You’d be hard pressed to deny that Fury Road was one of the most exciting films of 2015. Between the powerhouse casting, the blistering visual effects and the punch-packing vehicular creations, what’s not to love? We need to make special mention on the visual effects. Without the shocking contrast of bold oranges, reds and blues, Fury Road wouldn’t have been quite as furious. So why don’t we see what it looks like with all of the VFX taken away?

The video from Brave New World VFX comes courtesy of CG Bros. What you get to see is a brief glimpse of the work that goes into make a visually world like Fury Road so stunning. But this isn’t the only treat on offer. It also gives shot for shot comparisons of how the film looked before and after the effects were laid down, which is double awesome.

It’s easy to see how much of Mad Max: Fury Road‘s success belongs to the VFX work. When you look at the scenes without the visuals on top, it looks like a completely different film. Granted the war boys and the vehicles look far more sinister than they do in the finished article. But people didn’t love Fury Road for the harshness of its designs and costumes. They loved the brightly coloured ridiculousness of it all.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more videos like this that give a sneak peek behind into how groundbreaking modern movies are made.

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