“Mad Max: The Wasteland” Named by Miller as “Fury Road” Sequel


Soooooo, Mad Max right? It’s not many franchises that can come back to the plate after 30 years worth of delays and absolutely knock it out of the park. But you’d only have to shout Mad Max in a crowded room and wait for the Mexican wave of excited whoots to see how successful it’s been. The only problem is that now we know the film is a smash and the franchise is salvaged – critically as well as financially – no one cares about the film anymore. They only care about the potential sequel. After three decades of plot development, correction and expansion, some semblance of a followup was bound to rear it’s attention seeking head. George Miller has more or less confirmed this, revealing that two sequels were in the works before Fury Road got its groove back, including one entitled Mad Max: The Wasteland.

Screen Rant is reporting that The Wasteland is the result of an accidental universe expansion that happens when you work on a script for so long and vents get made to siphon off potential plot points. The sequel would follow on the tradition and bring the audience deeper into the madness and the monstrosities of the apocalyptic outback. We know that Tom Hardy is signed on for three Mad Max sequels, so odds are we would see the actor tuck his trousers into his socks and wade into the Wasteland.

However, this title goes against Miller’s reveal in 2010 that the sequel to Fury Road would be called Mad Max: Furiosa, presumably based on Charlize Theron‘s badass liberator. Could this change be connected to claims that Theron had a tough time on set and tensions got a little high?

Fans would definitely like to see Furiosa take on more psychos in a sequel, but would Theron be on board? While Furiosa’s fate may still hang in the balance, The Wasteland looks to be in a very strong place.

But what is The Wasteland? Given Miller’s as yet unyielding ability to craft harsh dystopia worlds, I for one am looking forward to finding out.

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