Lord and Miller to Helm Animated “Spiderman” for Sony


It’s getting to the point now where it would take less time to list all the highly anticipated upcoming projects that AREN’T being helmed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The pair have had their nose to the grindstone recently, attached to Lego sequels galore as well as a Jump Street sequel and The Flash for Warner Bros., all the whole keeping their numerous tv projects humming along nicely. Well now they’re adding to their superhero repertoire with an animated Spiderman movie!

Empire is reporting that the writing directing team have been hired by Sony to created an animated movie to rebuild their Spidey rep. Even though a lot of leeway has been given to Marvel to include the web slinger in the MCU (Captain America: Civil War first and foremost), Sony can still make all the Spiderman movies they like. This time around they’re going animated and they’re going funny, drawing on Lord and Miller’s inexhaustible Scrooge McDuck sized treasure trove of comedy gold. This could be an admittance of sorts that they could never really compete in a classic superhero stage with Marvel, especially with the same character. So they’re switching things up, fine tuning their demographic and, in our opinion, opening things up for themselves in a splendid way.

The plan is for Lord and Miller to focus more on Peter Parker in high school, which seems to be the fashion now since the Marvel incarnation will most likely be a teenager. Rumours of this project have been floating around from a while now, stemming from the talks that took place in January to determine the future of the Spiderman franchise.

Hopefully this will be a new lease of life for Sony and Spiderman’s love/hate relationship: they certainly have the right people on it.
The untitled Spiderman animated movie is set for release on July 20th, 2018.

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