Third Wolverine movie title is “Logan” on new poster


Hugh Jackman reveals the title of his final Wolverine movie, Logan, with a brand new poster. Read more after the jump.

It’s been a good week for movie titles. Ben Affleck finally revealed what his solo Batman movie would be called. The writer, director and star of the upcoming DC flick mentioned in an interview that it would be titled The Batman. It was so understated and humble that you could have easily missed it if you weren’t paying attention. But anything DC can do, Marvel can do better. Maybe not better, but the same. The third Wolverine movie isn’t part of the MCU but that hasn’t stopped it getting a lot of anticipation and attention. A decent chunk of this attention is speculation over what it will be titled. Now we have the answer in the form of a badass new poster.

Screenrant is reporting the unveiling of the poster for the third instalment in Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine Trilogy. The poster can be seen below, along with the title of the movie: Logan. The poster, which shows Wolverine’s hand around a child’s hand may seem understated. But check it out on the side of a building as posted by Jackman himself.

Third Wolverine movie title is "Logan" on new poster

Logan is an intriguing title choice. Anyone who knows Wolverine knows Logan is his casual name when he’s not eviscerating sentinels. That isn’t necessarily obvious to the entire movie-going public though. Even the poster doesn’t make it 100% that this is a film about Wolverine. Sure you’ve got the claws. But those could be anyone’s claws. Does this mean that the powers in charge are taking a gamble and targeting fans? Maybe. Another explanation is that they’re focusing on the “Logan”  character instead of the “Wolverine”  character. This could be a much quieter, human movie than its predecessors if that’s the case.

The poster is pretty strong when you think about it. Not to mention revealing.

We can assume that Logan is going to spend a decent amount of time protecting a kid. Is this his own child or someone else’s? Who knows. With those claws out and blood stains he’s clearly protecting the kid from something worth slashing.

Very little has been revealed about the film so far. The most popular rumour is that Logan will focus on Wolverine as an old man, drawing from the Old Man Logan storyline. There’s been no confirmation of that and this poster does nothing to help. Logan will be hitting theatres early next year so some promotion is definitely called for. This is likely to be the start of a larger marketing campaign. Just look at that building poster!
Its no secret that Logan will be Jackman’s final go around as the adamantium-clad mutant. There’s no doubt that he’s going to go out with a bang, hence Logan‘s R-rating. It’s still up for debate whether that bang will be slow and dignified or quick and crazy. Either way we’re excited to see it. And more posters to boot!

We’ve also got a picture of what Professor Xavier will look like in the movie, as played by Patrick Stewart. Check it out!

Third Wolverine movie title is "Logan" on new poster

Logan will hit US theaters March 3rd 2017. Watch this space for all the latest Logan movie news.

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