Kyle Patrick Alvarez’s “The Stanford Prison Experiment” – Monday Trailer Madness!


There’s been a hefty amount of chatter around the release of The Stanford Prison Experiment ever since we found out it was coming out. How would the film depict real life events? Would the film-makers favour creativity over truth with such a grey spot on academic history? Well it looks like we finally have a chance to find out.

The film that recalls a daring and perhaps misguided experiment at Stanford University in the 1970s that saw test subjects assume the roles of prisoners and guards finally has a trailer. Want to see how it turned out? Course you do. Go on then, here it is courtesy of YouTube:

Well that was a stressful experience. Faithful or not accounts aside, director Kyle Patrick Alvarez has created what looks to be a thoroughly engaging and thought-provoking horror. Not to mention it looks scary as all get out, using mute cinematography and a 70’s discolouration as a tool of bleakness and claustrophobia. Also, who knew Billy Crudup could play mad scientist so well whilst also wearing a bizarre moustache?

At roughly two hours, it will be interesting to see how the film manages to maintain what is clearly a relentless momentum. Set for release July 17th, The Stanford Prison Experiment stars Crudup, Ezra Miller, Olivia Thirlby, Nelsan Ellis, Tye Sheridan and Ki Hong Lee. Will you be participating?

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