"Knight of Cups"

‘Knight of Cups’ Trailer – “Everything is possible”


Rick is Hollywood addict looking for a place in the world in Terrence Malick’s latest Knight of Cups. What questions of existence will the trailer answer?

Terrence Malick is by no means the most prolific director. Over the course of a five decade-long career, the mind behind The Thin Red Line and Badlands has only directed 7 films. But now Malick has at least two films coming out in 2016 alone! That’s no mean feat. The first of these projects is the long awaited Knight of Cups. After making its debut at the Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year, fans of Malick’s unconventional dramas have been desperate for a peek. Now they finally have the chance with a feature-length trailer courtesy of Deadline. Don’t expect anything from his other 2016 project(s) though – they’re still very much cloaked in mystery. Still, best not to get greedy.

As with all of Malick’s films, the quality they all have in common – broad, bold, familiar premises – is the same thing that gives them such scope for individuality. From the looks of things, Knight of Cups is no exception.

The project sees Christian Bale as a lost, lavish soul in the decadent ruins of modern Hollywood. Bale’s character Rick is addicted to the lifestyle of the rich and famous but at the same time is left hollow by it. The challenge to find meaning and a place in the world is by no means a new idea for a film. However, Knight of Cups looks to strip its main character bare and exposed to what looks like a terrifying depiction of modern excess.

The two and a half minutes of this trailer is a sequence of wall to wall striking visuals. Even without Bale’s inner monologue running through it – or a very promising score – the cinematgrapy alone in Knight of Cups promises to be a rare treat.
Along with Bale, Malick’s got a cavalcade of stars in this project, including Cate Blanchett, Antonio Banderas, Imogen Poots and Nathalie Portman, in a welcome return to drama from her turn in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Knight of Cups will hit theatres March 4th 2016. Watch this space for all the latest Knight of Cups movie news.

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