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“King Kong v Godzilla” Will End Monster Trilogy


Sources are saying that the gargantuan grudge match will serve as a crescendo to both franchises.

Ok guys, it looks like it might actually be happening.

Since the mysterious move of Legendary’s Skull Island from Universal to Warner Bros, there was heated talk about plans to align the Godzilla and King Kong franchises. But that’s just silly right? Wrong! Unless it all falls through, then you’re right.

There was a lot of suspicion about a King Kong v Godzilla project when Legendary eased out of its 5 year exclusive deal with Universal to pass the hot Skull Island potato. Now The Hollywood Reporter has released details of the deal Legendary made for the change. Turns out King Kong v Godzilla will be the final part of a trilogy made up of Godzilla 2 and Skull Island. Technically it’s a quadrilogy with Godzilla 1, since Skull Island will make allusions to the film’s monster tracking team Monarch.

Here’s what THR had to say:

“Now that Legendary has moved Kong, that settles a brewing argument over the script’s references to Monarch, the secret government entity in Godzilla that employed the characters played by Ken Watanabe and Sally Hawkins. Obviously, the inclusion of Monarch in Kong is a move to tie the ape into a hoped-for Godzilla “universe.” Warners, which held onto the right to participate in any Godzilla sequel, did not relish the idea of a Godzilla element in a Universal-backed Kong movie.”

THR also went into detail on how the size disparity issue will be resolved between the two monsters. Could the time difference play into it?

“’There were funny comments about him having to be the size of the Empire State Building instead of hanging off of it’, says a studio insider. But a source close to (Thomas) Tull says Legendary is confident it can come up with a rationale to explain how Kong and Godzilla can do battle — and possibly become allies.”

This all sounds incredibly sexy, but will it work. All of this is a few years down the line, and we don’t even properly know what’s going on Batman v Superman yet! So we shouldn’t expect story outlines any time soon. In any case, it’ll be exciting to see how they resolve the issues of quite literally time and space.

Watch this space for the latest, most legendary movie news. 

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