Kong v Godzilla

Warner Bros. To Make “King Kong v Godzilla”?


Legendary moves it’s monster properties to the same studio. Are we about to see the conception of a King Kong v Godzilla remake?

Did you hear the one about the radioactive reptile going toe to toe with an enormous ape? A ridiculous pairing of epic proportions and the epitomy of heavy-weight bouts. You know, because they’re so big. King Kong v Godzilla is perhaps the most culturally adored crossover fight in movie history (sorry Alien v predator). But with the monsters doing so well in their right, would we ever see the two cross paths again? Bizarrely, we just might!

This should all be taken with a pinch of salt at this point. The news from Deadline is that Legendary is moving their upcoming King Kong project Skull Island to Warner Bros.. Why? Because Warner Bros. owns Godzilla.

How does this kind of change happen? Well, Legendary’s contract with Warner Bros. ended in 2013, moving to a 5 year deal with Universal in 2014. So Warner Bros. owns Godzilla but Skull Island falls under Universal’s umbrella. However, it looks as though the contract wasn’t as finite as we assumed. While there could be many reasons for the move, it’s believed that a crossover of the two monsters is quickly being nailed down.

Any Kong v Godzilla pairing will be a few years down the line. Skull Island won’t be out until 2017, if Warner Bros. keeps Universal’s timeline. As for Godzilla, the sequel is still on the books for 2018. The sequel to 2013’s reboot promises to be choc full of other monsters, so how this might impact the introduction of Kong is unknown.

If this crossover were to happen, certain logic barriers would need to be overcome. For one King Kong would need to grow considerably to match up to the King of Monsters. In recent portrayals Kong has been a few stories high, which wouldn’t help him against Godzilla who currently stands at skyscraper height. Also, where would this fight take place? Skull Island? Would humans even need to be a big part of the story?

All this information is emerging very fast, which usually means that this crossover, if it does happen, is in its infancy right now. So don’t go out ting money on the favourite just yet. As soon as more information emerges we’ll let you know.

More importantly, is this a fight that you want to see?

Watch this space for the biggest, latest movie news.

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