Batman: The Killing Joke

‘Killing Joke’ makes £3m at Box Office in One Day


The latest DC Animated Movie Batman: The Killing Joke got the big screen treatment, and made back its budget in one day. Read more after the jump.

Really? Batman: The Killing Joke again? We know, it’s not like there hasn’t been other amazing movie reveals this week. Comic Con has done its business once again with a cavalcade of epic mentalness. From Doctor Strange to Justice League to Guardians of the Galaxy, our water-coolers haven’t been left alone for days. As awesome as all this is, there was another story this week. The story of a little film called Batman: The Killing Joke. There’s been a lot of chatter about the latest in the DC Animated Movie saga. Most recently it got its own cinematic release in a modest number of theaters. Turns out the takings from that cinema run aren’t quite so modest, as the animated film took home upwards of £3m.

The news from Screenrant is that The Killing Joke has made $3.175 million at the domestic box office. That’s after one day. One day! And there’s every assumption that it will continue that run of success for the rest of its time on the big screen. The story The Joker’s humble bat-shit crazy origins debuted on 1,325 screens yesterday.

This isn’t the first time an animated Batman movie got the big screen treatment.

Batman: The Mask of the Phantasm got a similar last minute push for a cinema release back in 1993. Despite being considered a flop, the movie was critically acclaimed, made and £5.6m. It’s also one of our favourites, so if haven’t seen it…you know, go see it. Relative to Mask of the Phantasm, Killing Joke is hardly a flop having already surpassed its budget.

Sure, it’s not the most money ever made by a comic book movie. But let’s not forget it wasn’t originally intended for ta cinema release. The fact that it made such a decent amount is testament to the success and popularity of the DC Animated Movies so far. This begs the question – will any more DC animated movies in the schedule be seen in theatres?

Batman: The Killing Joke is still in theatres. Watch this space for all the latest Killing Joke movie news.


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