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‘Jungle Book’ IMAX Trailer has a Kaa and Mowgli Extended Scene


In the third Jungle Book trailer we get an extended shot Kaa making a meal out of Mowgli, all in a bid for an IMAX audience.

Any concerns about a CGI take on the the classic story of The Jungle Book have been put to rest. The raised eyebrows and clutching of Baloo plushes in response to Jon Favreau‘s reboot of the franchise has ended thanks to some fantastic trailers. Since then we’ve had some striking voice actor/character promo shots, but we want more. Fortunately the movie is showing no sing of slowing down the marketing train it’s on, and now we have a brand spanking new trailer that delves a lot more into the story behind the jungle. There’s also some awesome snake stuff, if that’s your thing.

Given the pioneering and immersing CGI work on Jungle Book it was always bound to make a play for some serious IMAX real estate. They’ve done just that with a trailer that’s part promotion, part clip, part standard bitchin’ trailer. In the promotion corner we’ve got Lupita Nyong’o bigging up the film as well as how we should definitely see it in IMAX. It seems a little pushy, but given that she’s playing Mother Wolf Raksha in the film and she’s got an Academy Award I’m inclined to take her word for it. Then again, Nicolas Cage has an Academy Award and I wouldn’t trust him with a tuna sandwich.

The best part of this trailer by far is the extended scene between Mowgli (Neel Sethi) and Kaa (Scarlett Johansson). Since hearing Johansson’s voice-over in the first trailer we’ve been dying to see more of her cold-blooded character and whether she wields any hypnosis on Mowgli. Turns out she totally does. The rest of the trailer is a solid showing made all the more impressive by the boost in resolution.

If theJungle Book trailer proves anything, it’s that this film is made for IMAX. From the looks of the larger than life story and settings there’s nothing about this film that won’t benefit from a super-sized screening.

Whether you see The Jungle Book in IMAX or not, it definitely still looks worth the watch. Fortunately you don’t have to wait very long since it’s released on April 15th.

Watch this space for all the Jungle Book movie news.

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