First Jumanji Cast Photo: Band of Misfits

First Jumanji Cast Photo: Band of Misfits

The new Jumanji cast get together for a photo to celebrate their first day of shooting. What can we deduce about the secretive sequel? Read more after the jump.

Run…it’s the Jumanji Sequel!

Just kidding, but it is fast approaching. We have our cast, we know it’s not a reboot. We even have confirmation that the script will honour the late Robin Williams. What’s there to worry about? A lot of the project is still very much under wraps as shooting begins. The cast ad crew may be tight-lipped on the details, but they were nice enough to take a Jumanji cast photo to commemorate their first day on set. Can we learn anything about the movie from the shot? You bet your board-game we can! Check out the Jumanji cast photo below.

Slashfilm is reporting that actor Kevin Hart posted the photo on Instagram late last night. Watch a charming bunch! Hart poses with co-stars Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan and Jack Black. This is the first time we’ve seen the whole cast together and they were kind enough to be fully kitted out. All four of them look a little ridiculous, with each looking like a different sterotypical “jungle” explorer. Johnson has a Romancing the Stone look about him, while Gillan is sporting a slightly-less-practical Tomb Raider outfit. Then we have Black as Jane’s dad from Tarzan and Kevin Hart as…well actually he just looks like Kevin Hart on Safari. They look less like the cast of one film than they do a group of cosplayers who just happened to arrive together.

So what can we deduce from these seemingly random outfits?

Are these explorers from completely different worlds? Were they from the same world but different periods of time, all trapped in the same boardgame? Are they working together or all out for their own survival? Why does Kevin Hart have a Neckerchief? One thing we can be sure of is there’s definitely going to be a decent amount of exploring going on in this movie. The original Jumanji was more about what happens when the circus comes to town. This time we could be heading straight into circus headquarters. I’m not sure there’s such a thing as circus headquarters, but it helps the metaphor…a bit.

The Jumanji animated TV series was gave us a glimpse into the inner world of Jumanji. It will be exciting to see how the savage wilderness looks on the big screen. But don’t expect too many scares or savage sights. Remember that Johnson, Hart and Black are comic veterans by this point. Plus we have Sex Tape director Jake Kasdan in the director’s chair. I’d wager we’ll be seeing a lot more laugh-out-loud moments this time around.

The Jumanji Sequel hits theatres July 28th, 2017. Watch this space for all the latest Jumanji Sequel movie news.

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