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Johnny Depp to Play Invisible Man in Universal Monster-verse


The star of Black Mass will go transparent for The Invisible Man, joining fellow big name Tom Cruise in Universal’s shared monster-verse.

A lot of people thought that the idea of Universal building a sharedmovie monster universe was a little ridiculous. But now the project is sprouting some legs and it’s beginning to look like…ok it still seems a little ridiculous. We’re getting new info on the monsters verse, and the latest nugget is that Johnny Depp has been brought I to the fold. If you’re not a fan of seeing Depp on screen then this may still be the project for you, since the Black Mass star will be playing The Invisible Man.

The new from is that Depp will star in the adaptation of HG Wells’ classic novel The Invisible Man. Depp will be joining fellow household name Tom Cruise, who is taking the lead role in Universal’s The Mummy in 2017. Let’s not forget Luke Evans as Dracula in Dracula Untold, which is still technically part of Universal’s blossoming canon.

Depp will definitely have some big shoes to fill taking in this role. Despite recent incarnations of The Invisible Man like Hollow Man have been pretty meagre, the 1933 adaptation is considered an undeniable classic. Claude Raines starred in that original adaptation and brought many memorable mannerisms to the character. The question is can Depp surpass The Golden Age of monster movies?

With Cruise and Depp both on board for the monster-verse, this is starting to look like a very expensive endeavour. Especially if all the monsters are brought together in an Avengers style team-up, which is more or less a guarantee.

There’s a debate to be had about whether this is a good career move for Depp – if stats of his notoriety can even have career moves anymore. Depp’s movie roster for 2015 – Into The Woods, Mortdecai and Black Mass – was famously inconsistent. His spell as the Big Bad Wolf in Into The Woods was good enough, Mortdecai was no unmitigated disaster and Black Mass was a critical and commercial success. New properties have the potential to bring out the best in him so despite being a reboot The Invisible Man could be a good role for him. At the end of the day, Depp is a very unpredictable commodity and really it comes down to who’s writing and directing the film.

Speaking of directors, we have no idea who’s directing yet! Ed Solomon is one of the names bing thrown around as a writer for The Invisible Man. Solomon has written films like Men in Black and Now You See Me, both of which were commercial successes in their own right. They also reflect the template that Universal seem to be taking with their monster-verse – action over drama, fantasy over horror. One concern might be that the last Invisible Man performance fitting this description was in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which, despite being a favourite of mine, was not well received.

There’s no release date for The Invisible Man as yet. There is an unnamed minster movie slot on Universal’s schedule for 2018, but that could very well be taken up by The Wolfman. The Mummy will hit theatres June 9th 2017, so it’ll be some time after that. So, you know, keep your diaries open.

Watch this space for all the latest The Invisible Man movie news.

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