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Jeff Goldblum Joins Wes Anderson Animation


Previous Anderson cohort Goldblum joins Bob Balaban, Edward Norton, and Bryan Cranston in the directors latest ‘toon venture.

We’ve known for a whole that Wes Anderson‘s next big project will be an animated feature about dogs. Unlike most director’s, however, we don’t have to scratch our heads too much wondering who will star. Anderson has a reliable habit of working with similar actors on every project. And why not? He’s had stellar success with his adopted rotating cast, most recently with the accolade parade for Grand Budapest Hotel. Now we have word of a few names Anderson’s bringing back this time around. And once again, it’s all Jeff Goldblum‘s fault.

Did you know Jeff Goldblum hosted a jazz radio program? No? That may have been why you missed the nugget of information he dropped during one if his broadcasts. The news from Empire is that the Independence Day actor revealed some details about the porject on his weekly show, including the fact that he would be in it! He also mentioned that the animation was in the very early stages and that it would be “Japanese inspired”.

Goldblum made his first appearance in an Anderson film in 2004’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. His second appearance was quite recent, playing a lawyer in Grand Budapest Hotel whose cat gets thrown out of a window. While Goldblum may not be best known for his Anderson roles, he’s always been an excellent contribution and collaborator on those projects.

But does the ‘Blum have any voice acting experience. You could say that. As well as lending his voice to Prince of Egypt in 1998, he also starred in the quickly forgotten 2012 animated flick Zambezia. Hopefully this time around Goldblum will have more lasting animated fortune. But that shouldn’t be too hard with Anderson working the controls.

Goldblum is currently working on Independence Day: Resurgence.
What does Anderson have to say about the project? Well nothing as yet. The director’s still playing his cards close to his chest when it comes to details. It’ll be interesting to see if that changes as a result of Goldblum’s leak.

Watch this space for all the latest animated movie news.

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