James Bond is Back in Full Length New “Spectre” Trailer


Dada duuuh dada duuuh dada dadada! Yes, you guessed my excellent musical notation correctly! With October only an Aston Martin’s throw away, we’ll soon be sitting down to watch Daniel Craig kick ass as James Bond in Sam Mendes’ Spectre. If you had any doubt that you were going to love it, we have a full length trailer ready to totally win you over.
Between scheduling, budgeting, script issues and skirt-lifting Sony hacks, it’s not been an easy road for the folks working on Spectre. With all the critical and public nervousness about the project, the first teaser for Spectre really only had one job: calm them down, win them back. Needless to say the trailer did that without breaking a sweat. Now we have a full length trailer, giving us a real taste of the action in store for Bond. Check it out below:

There’s a hell of a lot going on here for a trailer on the slimmer side, which can only be a good sign. Between exploding Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico City, gun battles on the slopes of the Alps and a wingless plane getting into all kinds of destructive mischief, Bond is very much back to his old tricks. We also get a solid look at Dave Bautista doing what he does best as Mr Hinx, Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux as a pair of pesky Bond girls, and Christopher Waltz as the elusive Franz Oberhauser.

Bond goes deeper than deep undercover to unveil the mysterious Spectre, a criminal organisation that is connected by one thing: 007. Waltz makes it abundantly cleat that their connection that goes way back, but just how far is still only speculative. Personally, I’m putting all my money on Oberhauser being Bond’s real mum.

If Mendes’ latest plans are to be believed, this will be the director’s last outing with Bond, so he’ll no doubt want to end as strongly as he began with Skyfall. But will Spectre fall short of its predecessor or karate kick right over it? I guess we’ll have to wait until October 26th to find out.

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