Gyllenhaal smash! “Nightcrawler” star bulks up for “Southpaw”


I love a good body morph, don’t you?

Deadline just released an exclusive photo of Jake Gyllenhaal playing a championship prize-fighter in Southpaw, scheduled for release in 2015. The transformation from his reptilian turn as Lou Bloom in this month’s Nightcrawler to a fierce fighting machine is pretty unbelievable, especially when you consider that Gyllenhaal already lost 25 pounds to star in Nightcrawler. Now this might not be quite as extreme as Christian Bale’s mighty morph back in 2005 when he went skeletal to play an anorexic in The Machinist only to gain it all back and more to play an modestly¬†bulky batman.

Either Gyllenhall has hulked out or Andy Serkis' motion capture studio is getting more work.
Either Gyllenhall has hulked out or Andy Serkis’ motion capture studio is getting more work.


But considering how much love Gyllenhaal’s garnered for playing the Loud Bloom (my own included), I’m just as intrigued. From the looks of the shot, he’s still going to be drawing on the same kind of violence – although not quite as sociopath-ish – and that definitely seems to be In Gyllenhaal’s wheelhouse these days.

It sounds like Gyllenhaal’s taking the training seriously as well. In an interview with Deadline Fuqua said “I had him training twice a day in the boxing ring, he did two-a-days seven days a week. I pretty much had him with me and my trainer every day…He trained in New York at Church Gym with real fighters. We literally turned him into a beast…”. Fuqua’s as much a fan of Gyllenhaal’s new lease on acting life as he is of the actor’s fighting skills. “Jake is going to change how people see him”, said Fuqua.

The director and actor¬†will also be working together on Fuqua’s upcoming project The Man Who Made it Snow, which will see Gyllenhaal as Jewish hotel engineer-turned-drug smuggler Max Mermelstein and his transformation of Pablo Escabar’s Medellin Cartel.

Southpaw is directed by Antoine Fuqua with a script from Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, and concerns Junior Middleweight Champion Billy “The Great” Hope who fights to make up for everything he’s lost. The title role was originally meant for Eminem and based on some of the rapper’s past struggles, but the part went to Gyllenhaal in March of this year when Fuqua officially signed on to direct. Alongside Gyllenhaal the cast includes Rachel McAdams, Naomie Harris, Forest Whitaker, 50 Cent and Rita Ora.

So who’s liking Jake Gyllenhaal right now?

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