'Guardians' Trailer: Russian Superheroes Assemble!

‘Guardians’ Trailer: Russian Superheroes Assemble!


Russia gets its own squad of Soviet-era superheroes in the new Guardians trailer. How will it fair with Marvel and DC die-hards? Read more after the jump.

Superhero movies have a lot of baggage nowadays. Every DCEU movie is bombarded with polarised reviews and office politics behind the scenes. Marvel continues its winning formula with higher expectations from every release. Fans are making other fans feel bad for liking the films or not hating them enough. It’s all a bit of a pickle. It’s nice when a superhero movie comes along that’s only out to have a bit of fun. One such movie is coming out of Russia next year and we’ve got a trailer.

Guardians is an upcoming Russian superhero movie directed by Armenian filmmaker Sarik Andreasyan, according to Screenrant. It tells the story of four Soviet-era Russians with superhuman abilities including telekinesis, electricity manipulation, curvy swords and being a bear-man. The trailer’s English subs leave a lot to be desired, but all four Guardians look undeniably kickass.

Guardians might remind some of you of a little movie called Night Watch.

Released in 2004, Night Watch was a Russian supernatural action thriller. It was also a full-throated response to the range of supernatural movies like Underworld coming out of America at the same time. Guardians is arguably making the same response to the box office machines that are Marvel and DC.

You can make all sorts of connections to various Marvel and DC titles. The title alone is hard to read without adding “…of the Galaxy” on the end. Will Western fans still enjoy it without all the backstory, mythos and star power? Are we all ruined for non-denominational superhero movies? I don’t think so, and I think Guardians has the potential to prove me right.

Guardians will be in theatres in Russia February 23rd 2017. It will also be in US theatres later in 2017, in case you don’t live in Russia.

Watch this space for all the latest Guardians movie news and updates.

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