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Ghostbusters Blu-Ray Will Have 15 Mins Extra Footage


Director Paul Feig has already announced an extended cut to be included with the Ghostbusters Blu-Ray release. Read more after the jump.

It’s going to be an exciting and nerve wracking week for Paul Feig. His reboot of the classic franchise Ghostbusters has its grand it unveiling in the UK today. Twitter has gotten choppy as hell with early reactions and first minute reviews are already appearing online. There was no doubt that the reboot was going to incite some mixed reactions for two reasons. One, everyone wanted to see a new Ghostbusters film. Two, no-one wanted to see a new Ghostbusters film. At least that’s what I can glean from my Twitter feed. The reaction is already looking polarised. As of right now IMDB gives it a 3.9 out of 10 while Rotten Tomatoes has it at a “fresh” 78%. As the movie premieres in the USA later this week we should get a clearer view of how audiences are responding.

But why are we still talking about the theatrical release of Ghostbusters? That’s in the past! We’ve got the home release to think about now granddad! No sooner has the movie seen the light of day when director Paul Feig is already talking about plans for the Blu-Ray. The news from Screenrant is that the home release of Ghostbusters will include an extended cut of the movie. How extended? Why don’t you hear it from Feig himself?

“We actually just finished [the extended cut] so it’s about another 15 minutes longer, but I will also include a lot of the deleted scenes and extra material that we have on the DVD. It’s actually some stuff that we finished the VFX on just because we wanted to have this nice-looking extended cut too, so it was very kind of the studio to let us finish all of that.”

So yeah, about 15 minutes. That may not sound like much, but it’s like 25% of a Game of Thrones episode. Just think about how much gets crammed into a quarter of a Thronesisode. Right? Yeah you should be excited. Here’s what Feig had to say about cutting the movie down in the first place:

“The editor’s first cut was 4 hours and 15 minutes, and I trimmed that down to a slim 3 and a half hours. We generate a lot of stuff and I always wanna have all the underpinnings of a big, emotional story, and because of that it just added a lot of extra scenes that as you’re going through, you know you have to make a lot of choices because I knew I had to bring this down under two hours. You just start weeding and saying, ‘What do people want to delve deeper into and what do we wanna just kind of skirt through and get to the fun parts?”

It should come as no surprise that there’s four hours of footage. All four of the main cast are seasoned improvisers. Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are all SNL alumni and Melissa McCarthy has more comedy movies under her belt than I have pens I’ve stolen from the office. It’s easy to imagine them all doing their fair share of solid riffing. Feig has also worked with McCarthy and Wiig previously on Bridesmaids so he was bound to let them stretch their improv muscles.

It also sounds like Ghostbusters had a lot of additional story when filming was going on. It’ll be interesting to see how much of that makes it into the extra 15 minutes. It’s clear from Feig’s comment that’s there’s some VFX in there, so ghosts will abound. It may be that we’re just getting extra generous helpings of scenes already in the theatrical release. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. I guess the only way to find out is to go see Ghostbusters…and the buy the Blu-Ray.

Ghostbusters is out now in UK theatres and will hit the US on Friday 15th. Watch this space for all the latest Ghostbusters movie news.

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