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Fury Road Black and White Version Released in Germany


A fabled black and white cut of Mad Max Fury Road finally surfaces as part of a Blu Ray collection’s special features. Read more after the jump.

We recently wrote about a featurette that showed the difference between what Mad Max Fury Road looked like filming and the finished shiny and chrome movie. The differences went some way to demonstrating how much work went into the visual effects and cinematography of the latest Mad Max adventure. Sure, colours great, but here’s a mad idea. What if it was in black and white instead? Rumours have been floating around for a while about a black and white version of Fury Road. Fans have been desperate to see the monochrome cut of one of 2015’s most explosive releases. Turns out they may get their hands on it sooner than they think.

Screenrant is reporting that a new Blu Ray release of Mad Max Fury Road will contain the black and white version of the movie. The release, entitled the Mad Max High Octane Collection is a six disc compilation if all 4 Mad Max movies in sparkling Blu Ray quality. If you’re wondering what’s on the other two discs, it’s a shedload of extras including the suitably titled Black and Chrome cut of Fury Road. The Black and Chrome cut should be more or less the same length and footage of the original movie, but don’t worry. There are plenty of juicy extras in the collection to keep you going.

Now here’s the downside. Thus collection is currently only available in Germany. As of yet there’s no indication of releases in the UK, US or anywhere else. All we know is that Germany can get their hands on it in September 2016. However, with any luck the collection will be too popular to be limited to one country. Either that or the Black and Chrome version will make an appearance elsewhere, maybe even on its own!

The Mad Max High Octane Collection is due for release in Germany September 29th, 2016. Watch this space for all the lastest Mad Max movie news.

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